Samsung Unveils Galaxy Note10 and Note10+

Samsung Unveils Galaxy Note10 and Note10+

Today, at the Galaxy UNPACKED event in New York, Samsung unveiled the next generation of its popular Note series of smartphones, the Galaxy Note10. This new Note further blurs the line between desktop and mobile, delivering power, performance, and features more commonly seen in home computers, not handsets. Along with the new smartphone, Samsung gave us a look at the recently released Galaxy Watch Active2 and Galaxy Tab S6.

One Phone, Two Choices

In a surprising move, Samsung announced that, for the first time ever, customers will get to choose between different sizes of Note smartphones. That's because the Note10 will be available in two variations, the Note10 and the Note10+. The major difference between the two models deals is their screen size. The smaller-sized Note10 features a 6.3" display, while the larger Note10+ gives you 6.8" of screen real estate. Both screens are Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O displays, similar to what we saw earlier this year with the Galaxy S10. In addition to size, there's also a resolution difference between the two displays. The Note10 features FHD+ 2280 x 1080 resolution with 401 ppi, while the Plus model outputs Quad HD+ 3040 x 1440 resolution with 498 ppi. However, regardless of screen size or resolution, both variations were designed with razor-thin bezels that yield class-leading display-to-body ratio. That means more screen than ever to work, stream, game, create, and more.

Professional Studio in Your Pocket

Samsung also invested heavily in upgrading the Note10's camera. For starters, both the Note10 and Note10+ feature a rear camera system that includes three pro-grade lenses: a 16MP Ultra Wide, a 12MP wide, and a 12MP telephoto. These lenses are bolstered by several advanced imaging tools, including Dual Aperture and Dual OIS features. The result is a camera setup that appears to be as sophisticated as anything Samsung has ever produced—which, giving its reputation, is saying quite a lot. Also, it's worth noting, the Note10+ has a fourth lens—a VGA DepthVision sensor that facilitates, among other actions, AR functionality and 3D capturing tools.

The Note10's front camera has also been noticeably buffed. It's now a 10MP shooter (last year's model was 8MP). The placement, too, has been improved. It's inconspicuously located in the top center of the display, which should lead to more natural eye contact and better symmetry in selfies.

Part Stylus, Part Magic Wand

One of the hallmarks of the Note series has always been the stylus, which, like the Note handset, has improved with each generation. Last year, we saw added Bluetooth functionality. This year, the S Pen has been upgraded to include air gestures that make using the Note10 that much easier (and, according to Samsung, more magical). You can use the S Pen for various remote tasks, including shutter control, music controls, and controlling a presentation. Of course, basic functions like writing, drawing, and editing are still available, meaning the new S Pen is just as viable and handy as ever.


Samsung wisely went all in on battery life and performance. Both the Note10 and Note10+ feature big batteries (3400- and 4300mAh, respectively) that employ "intelligent" features to get the most life out of them. According to Samsung, that optimized performance means you should get more than a day's worth of use from a full charge. Now, while an all-day battery is a major highlight, it still pales when compared to the Note10's other big battery feature: Superfast Charging. This Lazarus-like technology can revitalize a dead battery in literal minutes. What's that mean for you? Charge your Note10 for 30 minutes and you'll get an entire day of battery life.

Look and Listen

Many of the Note10's features are upgrades from last year's excellent Galaxy Note9. Improved design, bolstered camera setup, better battery performance, etc. But that doesn't mean the Note10 isn't without innovation. One of the more creative highlights is the all new Audio Zoom feature. With this clever A/V feature, you can literally "zoom" in on what you want to hear. The Note10 uses three separate mics to capture sound within your camera's field of view when you're recording. When you zoom in or out, those mics will refocus the audio capture to match the shot. Imagine you're capturing someone cooking salmon in a pan. You can zoom in on the salmon, and the Note10's mics will focus on the pan to really capture the sound of sizzling.

Galaxy Watch Active2

The Galaxy Note10 was the obvious headliner from this year's UNPACKED event, but that doesn't mean it was the only major unveiling. Samsung also reviewed the Galaxy Watch Active2, the latest version of the universally praised Galaxy Watch Active. Samsung showed off the updated smartwatch, which features a bigger display with more customizations, a new LTE connectivity option, and plenty of wellness and fitness tracking features to improve users' overall health.

Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung also gave us a good look at the just-released Galaxy Tab S6, which promises to help users accomplish their goals whenever and wherever they go. Featuring a 10.5" Super AMOLED display, a redesigned S Pen optimized specifically for the Tab S6, and running an improved version of Samsung DeX—for a PC-like experience—the Tab S6 appears to be a capable all-in-one device, one that will allow users the ability to work, write, draw, and so much more.

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