Saramonic Products Turn Your Phone into a Field Recorder


Have you ever dreamed of turning your smartphone into a field recorder? Now you can, thanks to some exciting new items from Saramonic. We can’t wait to tell you about them—so we’re telling you about them right now!

First on the list is the SmartMic+ Di, a small directional microphone that connects to Apple devices over a Lightning connection. Sure, the sound on the built-in iPhone mic is good enough for taking down notes and ideas, but with the SmartMic+ Di, you’ll have a directional microphone that significantly improves the sound, making it ideal for shooting video or recording audio for vlogs, conference calls, and more. This is a broadcast-quality microphone that focuses on whatever’s in front of it, rejecting anything off to the sides. You can monitor through the microphone, thanks to its onboard 3.5mm jack. This mic is also available with a TRRS connector for people who still have 3.5mm mini jacks on their phones. And for the Android crowd, you’ll also find a model with a USB-C connection. All models include a windscreen.

Saramonic SmartMic+ Di
SmartMic+ Di

Next up are some products that help turn your smartphone or tablet into a wireless microphone system. Consider the SP-RX9+TX9+TX9. This is a whole system that plugs into Android and iPhone devices, as well as cameras and other devices. It consists of two beltpack transmitters and one receiver that handles both transmitters. Two lav mics are also included—they’re for use with the transmitters. With this system, you plug the mics into the transmitters, the receiver into your mobile device, and that’s all you need to record wireless audio straight into an iPhone or Android. As a bonus, the receiver can be used as a stand-alone mixer, because it accepts two mics with 3.5mm or XLR inputs. It’ll even handle phantom power. With a 330' range, you’ll be able to get quite a bit of distance from the mobile device while recording. All the sound is broadcast quality, and the built-in rechargeable batteries sport a long life, indeed. If you only need one transmitter, you can purchase the SP-RX9+TX9.

Saramonic SP-RX9+TX9+TX9
Saramonic SP-RX9+TX9+TX9

Another device of note is the Smart V2M Ultra-Portable Audio Interface and Lavalier Bundle. This gives you two omnidirectional lav mics that plug into a small, circular object which then, in turn, connects to your mobile device. The interface is small enough to fit in your pocket, yet helps deliver broadcast-quality sound, forever turning your mobile device into a field recorder! With a variety of output cables, this device is compatible with Android and iPhone platforms, as well as regular old computers.

Saramonic Smart V2M
Saramonic Smart V2M

We’ve got a host of other new digs to show you, including a handheld digital dynamic microphone, an XLR-equipped short shotgun mic, a clever USB Type-C interface cable for XLR microphones, a short Lightning extension cable, and more. Really, you should click on this link to see the whole slate—and definitely come by our SuperStore to check out the gear in person!