SXE Electronics Digital Alarm Clock Wakes You, Charges Phone


SXE Electronics has updated the tried-and-true digital alarm clock with a new, ultra-useful feature: wireless charging capability. This revamped design allows the Digital Alarm Clock to charge up your smartphone without having to fuss with cables. Simply place any wireless charging-enabled smartphone onto the charging plate, and it will begin to charge. In case your phone doesn’t support wireless charging, the Digital Alarm Clock includes two charging adapters that will convert your iOS or Android phone into a wireless charging device. Each adapter has a slim, sticker-like profile that allows it to fit inconspicuously inside your phone case. 

On top of its new wireless charging capability, the Digital Alarm Clock has all the features you’d expect in a reliable alarm: programmable time, snooze button, dimmer control, and adjustable volume levels. It’s powered by an included AC adapter, but it can use two AA batteries in case you want an emergency backup in the event of a power failure.

The Wireless Charging Digital Alarm Clock is available now at B&H.