Acoustics Research Docks Ship


Are you on the lookout for a dock or powered speaker for an iPad, iPod or iPhone? Audiovox has an armada of models flying its Acoustics Research brand, about to moor.

The most affordable tabletop speaker systems are the ARS13 Portable Audio System, a speaker dock, and the ARS15 Portable Audio System, a Bluetooth wireless speaker. Each accommodates a wide variety of Apple’s iOS portables.

The ARS13 Portable Audio System puts a Universal 30-pin Apple dock front and center on its rotunda. Insert your iPod/iPhone/iPad and the device charges even as music is pumped out through the speaker in the system’s base. There’s an auxiliary audio input for playing other devices and onboard volume controls. If you’ve plugged in an iPhone, there’s an incoming call alert.

You can rest any Bluetooth-enabled tablet or smartphone on the ARS15 Portable Audio System stand. Once paired to the system, the source player can be carried some 35 feet away. Up to eight different Bluetooth devices can be associated with the system. The ARS15 features two USB ports on the side and comes with multiple mini and micro USB charging adapters so you can charge up to two iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung or HTC smartphones or an iPad at the same time. There’s also an audio line input. The stereo (2-Watt x 2) speakers are powered by an included AC/DC adapter.

Arriving soon are three other Acoustic Research models targeted at iPad, iPhone and iPod owners. The ARS35i App-Enhanced Portable Audio System & Docking Station for iPad and ARS28i App-Enhanced Portable Audio System & Docking Station for iPad are distinguished by their motorized 90odock rotation so the user needn’t twist head or wrist to view the screen in portrait or landscape mode. Multiple adapters are included so your iPod, iPhone, iPod touch or nano stays securely in place and charges as the device fills the room with your soundtrack of choice. Both docking stations contain an FM radio with wakeup and snooze settings, an auxiliary audio line input and an output for viewing dock content on a TV.

Both systemstake advantage of the “Acoustic Research Dock Plus” app, a free utility from the iTunes App Store. The utility lets you customize and control multiple functions through your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. For example, you’ll be able to apply an equalizer to FM radio and set multiple wakeup times with audio sourced from radio, buzzer or the docked player. The ARS35i features an elongated oval design with front-facing speakers flanking whatever size “pod” or “pad” is inserted. The more rectangular ARS28i, on the other hand, positions the speakers on the sides.

The most affordable clock radio/docking station is the ARS20i Portable Audio System. This low-to-the-ground model contains its own backlit time display and an FM radio. The ARS20i lets you pop in an iPod, iPhone or iPad upright or sideways via the built-in dock arm. There’s also a 3.5mm audio input for connecting another audio source. Like the ARS35i and ARS28i, the ARS20i is an App-enhanced docking station, though a different app is deployed. The first time you dock your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, you’ll be prompted to download the free “Acoustic Research N-able” app from the iTunes Store. You can use the app, for example, to create multiple named alarm settings, each with its own wake-up time, audio source, volume, snooze time and days of the week on which to repeat the routine.

The clock radio’s time and alarm settings can be backed up by a battery (not included) in the event of a household power loss. The CR2025 disc battery is sold separately.

So, there you have it: five Acoustic Research speaker systems from Audiovox meant to make you shed your earphones or get you to make your bed.