Apple Offers a Free Update to Logic Pro 9.1.5


Apple has released a free update to Logic Pro that takes its flagship music production product from version 9.1.4 to 9.1.5. The update improves the overall stability of the program and fixes several bugs. It also increases Logic’s compatibility with Apogee’s new Duet 2 audio interface.

Among the improvements are as follows:

  • Fixes a bugthat made Logic quit unexpectedly when creating a new project
  • Selecting “Open Apogee Control Panel” will launch Apogee’s Maestro 2 application if a Duet 2 is attached
  • Fixes a bug that made Logic unexpectedly quit with moving audio regions in the Arrange window
  • Fixes a bug with LFO sync that occurred in some Logic plug-ins
  • Fixes a bug that created a “zipper” noise when automating the Wet/Dry parameter in Delay Designer
  • Fixes a bug with the Sustain Off messages in the EVB3 plug-in

This update is recommended for all Logic Pro users. A link to the download is available here.