ASUS Announces the Transformer Book Trio


ASUS is no stranger to hybrid computers. Last year at Computex, ASUS announced the Transformer P1801 18.4” Tablet & All-in-One Desktop Computer. The P1801 combined a tablet with an all-in-one desktop computer and even offered dual operating systems. Well, it looks like ASUS has not finished creating more hybrid devices because today at Computex, exactly a year later, they announced another hybrid computer: the 11.6” Transformer Book Trio. While the P1801 was a hybrid tablet and all-in-one desktop computer, the Transformer Book Trio goes a more portable route by combining a tablet with a laptop. While this may not seem all that unique, the Transformer Book Trio is more than just a laptop with a detachable screen.

The ASUS Transformer Book Trio will have dual processors. Yes, you read that correctly. It will have two processors. One is a dual-core Intel® Atom™ processor while the other is rumored to be a fourth-generation “Haswell” Intel Core™ i7 processor. The Transformer Book Trio will also be capable of switching between Windows 8 and Android Jelly Bean operating systems. There will be a physical hot key that will allow you to switch between the two operating systems.

It should be noted that when the Transformer Book Trio is detached from what ASUS is calling the PC Station Dock (which is essentially a keyboard dock) and used as a tablet, it will only be able to run the Android Jelly Bean operating system. ASUS assures potential consumers that despite the different operating systems, the Transformer Book Trio has been designed to transition smoothly between modes, allowing users to sync data or continue to surf websites they’re currently viewing, even when moving from notebook (Windows) to  tablet (Android) mode.

As for the screen, the Transformer Book Trio is expected to have an 11.6” IPS (in-plane switching) display with Full HD 1920 x 1080 native resolution. The PC Station Dock is where the “Haswell” Intel Core i7 processor is supposed to be located, as well as an internal hard disk drive, additional ports, and a separate battery. The PC Station Dock will also serve as a charger for the tablet to extend battery life. The tablet itself is expected to have the dual-core Intel Atom processor and up to 64GB of flash storage, according to ASUS.

ASUS hopes to launch the Transformer Book Trio during the third quarter of this year. We will keep you posted on future updates.