Bean Bags and iPads: Together at Last!


As a stand, Lap Lounge for iPad 2 from Targus looks like it might have been designed in the Seventies. But functionally, the stand’s malleable underbelly means that now the only thing that needs to come between you and your iPad 2 is a bean-bag lining.

The maker of cases, bags and backpacks in mid-July will ship Lap Lounge ($49.99), a lightweight stand that lets you slip an Apple iPad 2 into a hard plastic frame and adjust the viewing angle to as much as 90 degrees from the base. Bean-bag stuffing occupies a cloth sack permanently affixed beneath the stand so you can comfortably enjoy your tablet up close in bed, relaxing on the davenport or stretched out on a beach chair. After all, if you’re going to serve as your own desk, you deserve to be cushioned.

A zippered pocket stores a tuck-away carry handle that doubles as an accessory pouch. The stand, in effect, provides sound amplification by building in a catch basin that redirects the audio from the speaker on the back of the iPad toward the user.

Lap Lounge (Model AWE70US) has some limitations. The frame only accommodates a landscape-oriented screen. Also, the frame is too thin to accommodate the original iPad.

Still, when a pillow isn’t available—and a perfectly-sized, non-bulky one at that—Lap Lounge bestows an agreeable underpinning for enjoying your iPad 2.


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A minor correction to this post, the pillow does allow for both portrait and landscape positions. For portrait positioning, simply lift the cradle portion up slightly and slide the iPad down in from the top between the two notches. Make sure the bottom comes down to rest behind the tab that sticks out above the word Targus. This becomes a terrific tool to use when utilizing the FaceTime video service. You can tilt the cradle portion up toward your face and chat hands free. This is the one iPad accessory I cannot do without.