Boston Acoustics Unveils SoundWare S 5.1 Home Theater Sound System


Home-theater sound has evolved into highly sophisticated components that put movie theater-going listening right in the home. Boston Acoustics’ latest speaker system, the SoundWare S 5.1 Home Theater Sound System, is a high-performance, six-speaker system that adds more power and dynamics to the surround-sound experience.

A step-up version of BA’s popular SoundWare XS 5.1 System, the SoundWare S 5.1 Home Theater Sound System consists of five ultra-compact SoundWare S satellites plus a 10-inch, 200-watt (300-watt peak) powered subwoofer. The system is targeted toward consumers who shun boxy and bulky speakers and find a stylish, compact system more compelling. Apartment dwellers will find it especially attractive.

The SoundWare S speakers are slightly larger than the XS system, creating an even greater acoustic experience. The S satellites contain 3½ -inch mid-bass drivers and ¾-inch tweeters (versus the XS models’ 2½ -inch mid-bass woofers and ½-inch tweeters). Also, the SoundWare S subwoofer provides a significant boost over the XS’s 8-inch 100-watt (250-watt peak power) sub.

SoundWare S 5.1 Home Theater Sound System capabilities include:

  • A distinct SoundWare polyhedron shape so you can place the speakers almost anywhere;
  • Stealth articulating mounting brackets, enabling the speakers to be hung flush against a wall or squirreled away in a corner, while allowing the speaker to be angled toward the listening “sweet spot;”
  • A powered subwoofer featuring Boston’s BassTrac circuitry for clear undistorted bass at all volume levels; it includes both speaker level inputs and outputs and a line level out, providing home theater enthusiasts with a straightforward yet flexible setup;
  • Miniaturized authentic two-way satellite system for true full-range sound;
  • Satellites feature dual wire channels for easy connections, with rear panel wire grooves for easier hookup;
  • MagnaGuardmagnetic shielding to prevent TV picture distortion.

The 5.1-system can be easily expanded to a 6.1- or 7.1-channel system. It comes in a high-gloss black finish.



i have a subwoofer "boston mcs 130" it's not working,making a very load noise like a cargo ship horn.

wondering if it can be fixed and where?