The Boxee Box by D-Link Now Streams Netflix


If you’re looking to get instant streaming of movies and TV shows from Netflix on your TV set, there’s now another option: the D-Link Boxee Box Digital Media Player. Current Boxee owners need to manually update their box or wait for an automatic update in order to access Netflix streaming media.

Boxee hopes to add Hulu Plus later this year. Both Netflix and Hulu Plus require monthly subscriptions and a broadband Internet connection. Instant Netflix plans start at $7.99; with the addition of one DVD mailed out to you at a time, the plan is $9.99. Higher-tiered subscriptions enable more discs out at once and an option to receive Blu-ray discs. There are no late fees.

The Boxee Digital Media Player comes with an HDMI cable for connection to your TV and a remote for controlling the stream from the couch. The box has built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi for linking to your wireless network. Alternatively, it contains an RJ-45 jack for a wired connection, but you’ll need to supply the Ethernet cable.

Other devices from B&H that can stream Netflix to your TV include Apple TV, Western Digital’s WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player and TiVo Premiere. An increasing number of TV sets and Blu-ray Disc players have built-in Netflix streaming. Check out the list of products offered by B&H that can stream Netflix. The list doesn’t cover computers, most of which are capable of streaming Netflix once you download the required software.