ContourROAM Hands-Free HD Camcorder Keeps Things Simple


Imagine you’re a skateboarder, about to attempt a dangerous new trick: the triple reverse floatie. Your friends are gathered near the jumping point, but an errant a cloud of bees causes them to scatter. Regardless, you make the attempt and complete the stunt, only to skid on a jellybean, fall down and fracture your coccyx. 

You won’t be attempting that stunt again for a while. With no friends to witness your feat, your 15 minutes of fame could be up, were it not for the fact that your ContourROAM Hands-Free HD Camcorder captured everything on video. The proof is in the cam, so to speak.

The ContourROAM Hands-Free HD Camcorder from Contour is small in size, lightweight (only 5.1 ounces) and very easy to use. A simple one-step On and Record function means there are no settings to make, nothing to focus, nothing to worry about. Just turn it on and it captures your activity in 1080p full HD video, courtesy of a 5-megapixel CMOS sensor. An audible signal indicates that the camcorder is recording, so you know you're getting the shot regardless of where the camcorder is mounted.

The ContourROAM is housed in a rugged, impact-resistant aluminum body, so it should survive most encounters with concrete, trees and other immovable objects. It’s also waterproof to 3 feet, so if you find yourself face down in the muck, the camcorder and its recorded footage should still be serviceable.

A 170° wide-angle lens captures a wide slice of your surroundings. The lens rotates, allowing the camera to be mounted at any angle, while a laser leveling system lets you level out the horizon. The ContourROAM has no display, but included software lets you upload clips to the Internet with a single click. If you prefer, an optional Connect View Card turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a wireless viewfinder.

A ¼-inch tripod mount gives you numerous mounting options, while an integrated TRail mount gives you even more mounting options. Optional accessories allow the camcorder to be mounted on goggle straps, flat surfaces, windshields, roll bars, surfboards, bicycles, weapons and more. Other accessories include spare rechargeable batteries, various chargers, carrying cases, underwater cases and so on.

Contour gives you the option of capturing your thrill-seeking exploits in video. All you have to do is make them happen.



Sensor 1x 5 Megapixel CMOS Sensors
Lens Fixed Focus f/2.8
Zoom None
Video Format High Definition - 1920 x 1080p
Tripod Mount 1/4"
Weight 5.1 oz / 145 g



ContourROAM Hands-Free HD Camcorder In Use