Eye-Fi Mobile X2 Memory Cards


Eye-Fi has announced a new 8MB wireless memory card designed to enable instant wireless uploading of image files from your camera to your smartphone, tablet and similar iOS and Android-based mobile devices.

Rated Class 6 in the speed department, the new Mobile X2 card is SDHC compatible and supports JPEG and most video formats for transmission at an 802.11n speed rating. (If you need to transmit RAW files wirelessly, check out the Eye-Fi Pro X2 memory card).

Among the new card’s amenities is the Select Share Option, which allows you to select which image files you want to transmit, while blocking access to those images you wish to lock on the card.

Along with mobile devices, the Eye-Fi Mobile X2 card can also upload image files to your computer network with equal ease, enabling you to back up data to a remote location on the fly, not to mention clean the card and return it to active service with minimal down time.


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Please be aware that Eye-Fi has ceased its operations. Its website is down and I believe their Cloud Service will also go eventually.