Introducing MeFOTO Travel Tripod Kits

MeFOTO is a new brand of tripods, designed to be the ideal travel companion while still remaining a fully functional and robust camera-support system. While inherently designed as travel-sized tripods, these tripods incorporate numerous qualities that blur the line between full-size tripods and travel-size tripods. MeFOTO’s tripods are built to be as small and lightweight as possible, yet include support features that are seldom seen on such compact models. Additionally, the inclusion of a heavy-duty ball head with each tripod aids their overall efficiency and the effectiveness these tripods offer—being a notable camera support that can be carried along more often than not.




The BackPacker tripods are the most compact and lightweight of MeFOTO’s line, measuring only 12.6” when the legs are folded upward, and weighing just 2.6 lb. These tripods are specifically designed with portability in mind, and can easily be carried in a backpack or tote bag, so as to be readily available. The compact form factor, however, does not limit its functionality as a well-performing tripod with a wealth of features. When fully extended, a maximum height of 51.2” is possible and independently locking legs provide support when working on uneven surfaces. The legs lock into place using a twist-lock system and feature an anti-rotational design to facilitate faster and easier setup. A recessed, spring loaded center-column hook is also integrated into the design, which permits hanging of additional weight to increase stability in conjunction with the tripod’s 8.8-lb load capacity.

A Q-series ball head is also included with the tripod, which features separate head and panning locks for greater control of precise positioning. The head has an integrated bubble level as well as a printed index scale on the base of the ball head to aid in accurate panning shots up to 360°. Arca-Swiss style quick-release plates are accepted for transitioning between tripod and handheld shooting positions, and a PU-50 plate is included.

Aside from their compact and functional construction, the BackPacker tripods also differ from others due to their visual appearance, which incorporates an overall aesthetic that is complemented by the incorporation of colored components. Colors available include titanium, blue, red, green, gold, purple, black and orange.


The RoadTrip tripods are the middleweight series from MeFOTO, and add a number of features and greater extended height and load capacity, compared to the BackPackers. These tripods are available in either aluminum alloy or carbon fiber leg constructions, and also come in a wealth of different colors. While these tripods are larger than the BackPackers, they still feature a similar compact form factor, folding down to 15.4”, and offer an inverted folding design that renders them highly portable, considering their capacity and feature set.

One of the most notable attributes of the RoadTrip is the ability to instantly convert the tripod to a full-size monopod by removing one of the leg sections and combining it with the removable center column. No tools are required for this process and the result is a monopod that extends to 64” tall for eye-level viewing. As a tripod, the maximum extended height is 61.6”, and it is able to support loads up to 17.6 lb. A recessed center-column hook is integrated into the design for hanging weights to provide additional stability, and the tripod legs feature dual-angle positioning for working on uneven surfaces. The dedicated monopod leg also features foam padding for more comfort while carrying, and greater ease of use in cold or hot temperatures. Additionally, spiked accessory feet are included to provide improved traction for working on outdoor surfaces such as grass or dirt.

The RoadTrip tripods include a Q-series ball head, too, and come with an Arca-Swiss style PU-50 quick-release plate for fast switching between handheld and tripod-mounted shooting. This ball head has separate head and panning locks for fine-tuning camera positioning, and an integrated bubble level works to ensure even horizons and level panoramic imagery up to 360°.


The GlobeTrotter is the most robust series of MeFOTO’s tripods, and is ideal for use with full-frame or larger digital cameras and lenses. Like the RoadTrip, the GlobeTrotter tripods are available in both aluminum alloy and carbon fiber construction and come finished in either titanium or black. This tripod is extendable to 64.2” and can support loads up to 26.4 lb. It can convert to a monopod, too, in similar fashion to the RoadTrip, by removing the foam-padded tripod leg and attaching it to the center column. The tripod legs feature a twist-lock design that prevents inner rotation and helps to keep out dust and the elements. They also feature the same dual-angle positioning, recessed center-column hook and accessory spiked feet as the RoadTrip series.

Also similar to MeFOTO’s other tripods, the GlobeTrotters include a Q-series ball head with compatible Arca-Swiss style quick-release plate. The ball head has a printed 360° scale to aid in panning placement, and separate head tension and panning locks enable refined positioning control.

The MeFOTO tripods are eloquently designed to be as portable as possible, while still remaining fully functional and not lacking in their ability to support full-sized cameras. Their inverted-leg designs help to render them incredibly compact, and the inclusion of a well-performing ball head and other stability features found on professional-grade full-size tripods make them a suitable choice for camera support at all times.

For more information, stop by the B&H SuperStore in New York or speak with a sales professional, either on the phone at 1-800-606-6969 or via Live Chat.

 MeFOTO BackPackerMeFOTO RoadTripMeFOTO GlobeTrotter
Leg ConstructionAluminumAluminum or carbon fiberAluminum or carbon fiber
Maximum Load8.8 lb / 4 kg17.6 lb / 8 kg26.4 lb / 12 kg
Max. Height
(24° Leg Angle)
51.2" / 130 cm61.6" / 156.5 cm64.2" / 163 cm
Folded Length12.6" / 32 cm15.4" / 39 cm16.1" / 41 cm
Max. Height when Converted to MonopodN/A64" / 162.5 cm64.2" / 163 cm
Number of Leg Sections555
Leg Lock TypeTwist lockTwist lockTwist lock
Center ColumnNoYes; attaches to leg section to convert
to monopod
Yes; attaches to leg section to convert
to monopod
Tilt Range-45° / +90°-45° / +90°-45° / +90°
Panning Range360°360°360°
Spiked FeetNoYesYes
Separate Panning LockYesYesYes
Quick Release PlateArca-Swiss style (PU50)Arca-Swiss style (PU50)Arca-Swiss style (PU50)
Bubble LevelYesYesYes
Head Mount
Thread Size
Weight2.6 lb / 1.2 kgAluminum: 3.6 lb / 1.6 kg; Carbon Fiber:
3.1 lb / 1.4 kg
Aluminum: 4.6 lb / 2.1 kg; Carbon Fiber:
3.7 lb / 1.7 kg



Where could i look at / handle your tripod/monopod in the UK?



Unfortunately, B&H only has the one store location, which is in NYC.  While we don’t have a location in the UK, we do ship internationally, and could ship a MeFOTO tripod to the UK.  That being said, if you want to look at the tripod, you might contact MeFOTO to inquire about what if any stores carry their products in the UK.


Tel: (914) 347-3300

Email: [email protected]


I like the design, however I see a large resemblance to the Benro Travel Angels. I have owned a Benro TA for 3 years and many miles traveled. The me-foto line does seem more detailed in their markings and head design release looks robust.

Thank you for some great information. I've been waiting for the C1350Q1 to be imported into the US, it's been available on ebay for months. The aluminum version was wobbly, so I am hoping the carbon fiber is more secure and would then be worth the extra 50%, which is a great value for carbon fiber. The head that is included is sort of a mystery but I believe the Q1 at the end of the model number identifies it. The difficulty is identifying any significant specs on the ballhead facilitating web evaluation. The great advantage of these tripods are their small size for travel, compared to others they are several inches shorter when folded, the determining factor for their purchase for me.

I would try the next series up in aluminum then. The A2350Q2 has sturdier legs and can handle more weight, but still folds up to be nearly as compact as the Roadtrip version you mentioned. Not bad at $209