Line 6 Guitar Hardware and App for iPad & iPhone


The new Mobile In interface isn’t the first device that enables you to connect a guitar to an iPhone or an iPad, but it’s the first one that lets you tap into Line 6’s ever-popular “POD” series of guitar effects and modeling. Mobile In attaches to the 30-pin digital connector on your Apple device. This enables it to achieve higher sound quality (24-bit 48 kHz), and lessens the likelihood of experiencing unwanted feedback.

You can use the Mobile In as an interface to play and record into popular apps like Apple’s Garageband, but you can also use it to access the rich sounds of the free Mobile POD apps, which include 16 effects, 32 guitar amplifiers and 16 guitar cabinets. The effects range from choruses to reverbs, delays and tremolos. You can also access over 10,000 Mobile POD presets made by Line 6 employees and other artists—for free—right on your iPad or iPhone.

There are two 3.5mm mini-plug inputs on the Mobile In, one for a guitar, the other for line-level sources (keyboards, MP3 players, etc.). A special guitar cable with a male 1/4" instrument connector and a male 3.5mm connector is included. No batteries are required. The Mobile In gets powered by the connected device. Having dedicated software (separate free apps for iPad and iPhone) and the ability to digitally interface with CoreAudio apps really sets the Mobile In apart.

Inputs 3.5mm guitar, 3.5mm line
Guitar Amps 32
Guitar Cabinets 16
Effects 16 (including a tuner)
Power Powered by connected device
Compatibility iPhone 4, iPad and iPad 2