My Book Live Drives Now Compatible with OS X Lion


New firmware has been released for Western Digital’s My Book Live series of home network hard drives that makes the drives compatible with Apple’s new OS X Lion. Prior to this firmware update, there were issues with the My Book Live drives and Time Machine (a free data recovery program that is included with every Mac computer).

Western Digital My Book Live home network drives are available at B&H in 1TB, 2TB and 3TB configurations. The advantage of using a network drive (it connects to a router via Ethernet) is that you can share and stream all of your data (photos, music, movies, etc.) with any person or computer that’s connected to your network.

These drives play well with mobile devices. If you own an iPod touch, iPhone or an iPad, you can download Western Digital’s two My Drive Live apps: WD 2go and WD Photos. WD 2go enables you to access the files stored on your My Drive Live from anywhere on your mobile device. Listen to your music, view photos, stream media, show presentations… whatever you need to do. The WD Photos app enables you to send any photos or videos you shoot on your mobile drive directly to your My Book Live to back it up.

And as Mac friendly as these drives are, they’re also all compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. 


OK, so I have a 3TB My Book Live drive, and it does not work with Mac OSX Lion. Where can I find an upgrade?