The New 2x4 Analog I/O Module for Symphony I/O from Apogee


No matter how large or small your recording studio may be (some of us have live rooms, while others only have bedrooms), there are plenty of people who prefer to work with the highest quality conversion technology available. Until now, if you wanted to use the flagship Symphony I/O interface from Apogee (one of the top brands in conversion), you were required to also purchase a cost-prohibitive module with a minimum of eight channels. The trouble was that many users simply didn’t need that many channels, yet they still desired the stellar conversion, built-in monitor control and C777 clocking technology that the Symphony I/O has to offer.

If you were interested in purchasing the Symphony I/O, but were having trouble with the idea of investing in more channels than you needed, you’ll be glad to hear that the new 2 x 4 Analog I/O Module for Symphony I/O has been announced. It was designed specifically for people who need that world-class Apogee sound, but don’t need more than two analog inputs and four analog outputs. However, should the need arise for more inputs and outputs in the future, there are plenty of higher channel count digital and analog modules available (the interface is capable of 32 channels of I/O). An investment in the Symphony I/O is an investment in the future.

Coming in at less than half the price of the other Symphony I/O modules, the 2 x 4 Analog I/O Module can get you into a fully operational Symphony I/O system at a much more attractive price. It’s future-proof hardware that can connect to your Macintosh via USB 2.0 out of the box. It can also connect to Mac Pro desktop computers through Apogee Symphony 64 PCIe Cards. In the near future, a module will be available that will allow you to connect the Symphony I/O through the lightning-fast Thunderbolt port. This system is also compatible with Pro Tools HD cards. It’s as flexible as you need it to be, and with the 2 x 4 Analog I/O Module, the possibilities are finally within reach.

Inputs 2
Outputs 4
Required Hardware Symphony I/O
Compatible Software Logic Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Pro Tools 9 and 10, Cubase, Nuendo, Digital Performer, Ableton Live, any Core Audio application
Compatible Computers Intel based Macs (not compatible with Windows)