The New and Improved Roland PK-9 MIDI Pedalboard


Keyboard players, organists and MIDI controller enthusiasts alike can tap into a deeper level of foot control with the new Roland PK-9 Pedalboard. Like the last generation of this product, the PK-9 is solidly built and features 20 velocity-sensitive pedal keys with an integrated volume/expression pedal. The new model steps things up a bit by allowing you to adjust the response of the keys from Soft to Medium to Hard, and more foot controls have been added: left and right foot switches on either side of the expression pedal, two assignable foot switches and a damper pedal.

You can connect the new PK-9 Pedalboard to any Roland instrument that features a “PK-IN” jack, or to any MIDI-enabled equipment using its IN, OUT and THRU MIDI ports. Connecting the PK-9 to a PK-IN jack with the included cable supplies the pedalboard with power, as well as passing all of the control information between the pedalboard and the instrument via the single cable. An AC adapter is included if you’re not using a PK-enabled product.

This organ-friendly pedalboard is an ideal companion to the show stopping PK-enabled Roland ATELIER Combo AT-350C, AT-900C, VK-88 and the C-200 Classic Organ, but it’s also a powerful addition to any MIDI-enabled organ, keyboard or other noise-making instruments. If you still need more control, the PK-9 features an additional external pedal jack that’s switch/expression programmable. An onboard seven-segment display helps you interact with your machine.

Keys 20 velocity-sensitive pedal keys
Functions Hold octaver bass on/off, octaver value portamento on/off, portamento time, transpose octave, poly/mono, velocity on/off (programmable fixed value), key touch (light, medium, heavy), external pedal assign, MIDI merge 
Controls Expression pedal footswitch L, footswitch R (to the left and right of the expression pedal), CONTROL 1 pedal, CONTROL 2 pedal, Hold pedal (damper), power switch
Connectors 1 x 1/4" external pedal jack, PK OUT jack, MIDI IN, OUT and THRU, DC In jack
Power Supply AC adapter or PK cable (both included) 
Current Draw 130 mA (9 VDC)
Dimensions 35.6 x 18 x 10.75" (905 x 456 x 273mm) 
Weight 29.6 lb (13.4 kg)

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Can anyone tells me how to connect the PK-9 to hammond sk-2 and get the expression pedal to respond..Please!

Hoping for help



Hi Svend -

We haven't sold the Roland PK-9 Pedalboard for several years. You migtht want to contact ROLAND or HAMMOND directly.  This would be our first recommendation:

The XPK-200L 20-Note MIDI Pedal Board from Hammond features long natural pedal sticks, allowing you to use your feet to trigger MIDI-controlled hardware or software. It provides you with dual 5-pin DIN MIDI INs and a 5-pin DIN MIDI OUT connector.


Tel: 800-380-2580 or 323-890-3745


Tel: (630)543-0277
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Hi Thanks for your reply... Cheers Svend