New Firmware Update for the Canon EOS 7D Digital SLR


Although it won’t be available until early August, Canon has announced a firmware upgrade for its EOS 7D DSLR camera. The Canon EOS 7D is one of the most popular APS-C DSLRs among serious photographers and semi-professionals and now Canon is giving it a performance bump with an exciting new upgrade: Firmware Version 2.0.X.

The improvements that come with the firmware update push the 7D closer to the professional end of the DSLR spectrum, offering numerous enhancements for photographers shooting on the go and those who shoot with multiple cameras.

For starters, the number of images that can be shot in a high-speed burst (at 8 fps) has increased from 126 to 130 in JPEG Large/Fine and from 15 to 25 when shooting in RAW. Speaking of RAW, the new firmware will allow for RAW images to be processed directly in the camera! This is a huge timesaver as it is no longer necessary to download RAW images to your computer in order to retouch them and re-save them as JPEG files. JPEG files can also be re-sized in-camera through the quick control functions in playback mode.

The new firmware will also bring more control over ISO speed in the ISO Auto mode. Previously maxing out at 3200, the updates will increase the ISO Auto range to 100-6400 but will also enable the user to set the parameters, in full-step increments, of the ISO Auto range so as to not range too high when such a high ISO is not desired.

When shooting HD video with the 7D, Firmware 2.0.X has enabled manual adjustment of up to 64 audio levels prior to recording. This improvement offers refined audio control in line with the functionality of the EOS 5D Mark II.

Once the new firmware is installed, the Canon EOS 7D will be fully compatible with Canon’s GP-E2 GPS Receiver, thus allowing the outdoor photographer to record latitude, longitude and altitude as well as camera direction. Mounted on the hot shoe or tethered via a USB cable, the GP-E2 also syncs the camera’s clock to Coordinated Universal Time and, with supplied software, can map the photographer’s route.

Also part of the update is a faster scrolling of magnified images on the LCD, improved quick control during playback and the ability to modify, in-camera, the first four characters of a file name. This is an immensely valuable image identification tool when shooting with multiple cameras.

A grab-bag of wonderful improvements, the new Firmware Version 2.0.X for the great Canon EOS 7D Digital SLR will be available free of charge at Canon’s website in early August. In the meantime, follow this link to learn more.


Need to update camera to current firmware, as of 8 Jul 2014....

What about audio monitoring with Headphones via the usb port??

Where is the new 2.0 Canon 7D firmware. I went to the Canon website and does not find it

Yay! Looking forward to it. Thanks, Canon! And thanks B&H for the news.

Does it mean that the Canon 7d Mk II is not in sight for long time?

Can firmware update can be done without card reader?
I mean, can I do it with an usb cable?