New Flip-Cage Stand from Gary Fong for iPhone 4/4S


Using an iPhone hands-free can be liberating, but you need a trusty accessory to make it possible. That’s why you may want to attach the newly-arrived Flip-Cage with Tripod Adapter for the iPhone 4 or 4S from Gary Fong. The model is a follow-up to Gary Fong’s Flip-Cage with Tripod Adapter for iPhone 3GS.

The tabletop stand folds out like an easel so you can mount your iPhone to watch movies or use it as a platform for a FaceTime conversation. The phone can be mounted horizontally or vertically, each with tilt adjustment.

As an assistant in capturing pictures, the Flip-Cage with Tripod Adapter for iPhone 4/4S helps steady both horizontal and vertical shots. You’ll also be able to shoot stable HDR images. If you’re taking video, you can say goodbye to the rolling and shaking that often accompanies handheld recordings.

The stand exploits the improved macro capabilities of the camera in the latest iPhones. By standing the cage on end and twisting the phone 90° on the mount to shoot down at an object, the Flip-Cage becomes a copy stand.

The roll bar cage design and built-in bumpers help protect your iPhone from damage. The Flip-Cage is equipped with strap eyelets for attaching a camera strap.

Incidentally, the Flip-Cage with Tripod Adapter for iPhone 4/4S isn’t just for iPhones. By setting aside the tripod mount adapter, you can use the Flip-Cage to hold almost any point and shoot camera. However, when you do use the Tripod Mount Adapter for iPhone 4/4S, you can take advantage of the ¼”-20 thread at the bottom for connection to a standard tripod head. Suddenly, use isn’t limited to a tabletop.

If you own a point and shoot camera but not an iPhone, Gary Fong offers other versions of the Flip-Cage without the iPhone tripod mount adapter. Check out the Flip Cage Tabletop Tripod for Compact Cameras in various colors.

Weight 5.6 oz (159g)