New Motorola MOTOACTV Fitness Music Player


It wasn’t long ago when the idea of running or cycling with a stack of favorite albums seemed ludicrous. Then compressed digital music players came along and suddenly athletes and weekend-workout artists alike were touting how their particular play list helped them set a personal best.

Now, Motorola Mobility has taken the next step. Based on the premise that music motivates and technology enables, the company has introduced a lightweight, wearable fitness performance tracker and smart music player in one. The MOTOACTV GPS Fitness Tracker & Smart Music Player lets you know which songs make you perform your best.

Embedding Motorola AccuSense and GPS technology, the MOTOACTV measures the user’s time, distance, speed, heart rate and calories burned even as it pumps out "Bodyrock" by Moby or “I Drink Alone” by George Thorogood. (Insert your music here.) The MOTOACTV features a 1.6-inch color touch screen so you can instantly launch a new workout or find a particularly stirring song.

According to Motorola, the smart music player learns which tracks motivate you most by measuring your performance against your music. It then uses those songs to create a personal high-performance playlist. Beyond the music the user stores in the model’s 8 Gigabytes of memory, a built-in FM radio is available for listening to something else. The rechargeable battery provides 5 hours of power for outdoor workouts, ten hours indoors and up to two weeks on standby. The MOTOACTV supports both Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ wireless connectivity, so you could opt for a wireless headset.

If you own a Motorola Android phone, a free Android App is available that allows the phone to communicate with the music player as long as it’s in Bluetooth range (about 30 feet). That way, you can answer or ignore calls via a caller ID alert on the MOTOACTV’s screen without breaking stride. Also, the app syncs with the personal data you’ve stored on Motorola’s Web site, so you can analyze and manage your fitness plan literally on the run.

Type Flash Drive
Capacity 8GB
Formats MP3
Screen 1.6" Color Touch
FM Yes
Ports USB, audio out
Battery Internal, Rechargeable
Dimensions (WxHxD) 1.8 x 1.8 x 0.38"
Weight 1.23 oz