New Nikon D4 Pro DSLR Camera


Make way for the new Nikon D4 digital SLR camera. This baby boasts an FX-format 16.2-megapixel CMOS Sensor for superior image quality. Its large 3.2" ultra-sharp 921,000-dot LCD monitor features automatic brightness control, adjusting visibility based on the environment to ensure bright, clear playback, menu browsing and Live View shooting.


The LCD gives you the power to enlarge images up to 46X for focus confirmation. EXPEED 3 optimized for still image and HD video capture ensures high color fidelity, fine tones and a high, expandable dynamic range. A quicker, more responsive 51-point autofocus system captures subjects in your choice of two ways: With the points working like a net to capture subjects in motion or concentrating on achieving pinpoint accuracy.

For challenging conditions and situations, the Nikon D4 allows you to drop from the standard ISO 100 down to ISO 50 equivalent, or conversely, increase sensitivity up to ISO 204800 equivalent. Wow. Shoot with confidence under virtually all lighting conditions. Enjoy full 1080p HD broadcast quality video at 30 or 24 fps in H.264/MPEG-4 AVC HD format, and record clips up to 29 minutes 59 seconds long. You can also see simultaneous Live View output on external monitors and record uncompressed video courtesy of the HDMI terminal.

Not one, but two Live View shooting modes are at your fingertips: Photography Live View and Movie Live View. Easily confirm exposure, white balance, monitor hue, histogram, focus mode, AF area mode and focusing accuracy. Nikon has separated flash compensation and exposure compensation in this camera to give you greater creative control.

You’re also sure to appreciate the dedicated Nikon Picture Control Button offering six preset options: Standard, Neutral, Vivid, Monochrome, Landscape and Portrait for still images and video. You also get nine customizable settings offering sophisticated and personalized color control. Time-lapse shooting enables you to capture a broad scope of subjects at blazing-fast speed. Face detection via the optical viewfinder and detailed scene analysis with the 91K-pixel RGB sensor allow for superb auto exposure, auto white balance detection, AF performance and i-TTL flash exposure.

The D4 sports an extremely durable magnesium alloy body with weather sealing, so you can confidently expect peak performance even in harsh environments. The camera’s shutter has been put to the test and has proven to be good for 400,000 cycles at extreme continuous burst rates over extended periods of time—so you need not worry about that, either.

The Nikon D4 is compatible with the WT-5A wireless transmitter: Transmit images to an FTP server or computer via Image transmission mode. In PC mode, operate the D4 with Camera Control Pro 2. There’s also an HTTP mode, enabling you to use a Web browser on your computer or smart phone, display thumbnails of images stored in the camera’s memory cards, or create slide shows, view images, manipulate simple camera controls for remote shooting, or even start live view shooting, including video recording.

A true power saver, the D4 runs on the new, compact and high-capacity EN-EL18 rechargeable Li-ion battery. You can count on extended battery life and the ability to capture roughly 2,600 images on a single charge. Convinced yet?  We look forward to getting our hands on a new D4 soon.

Nikon also released a New Nikkor AF-S 85mm f-1.8G read the announcement about this latest lens.


Super nice smooth wahooo

You should check out the D5.

i want

This camera looks awesome... but really... think about it... photography is still about composition and light. It is about how you can use the existing light to create great images. But I would like to really get some input on Nikon glass. It seems (atleast to me), that more professionals use Canon these days than Nikon, and also Nikon has fallen behind in terms of glass. I would much rather have a simplified set of lenses (like the L-series) that tells me... look if you buy anything from this range you are getting the best. This way I don't have to know the difference between ED, G and what ever other abbreviations Nikon has for its glass. So ladies and gents, can we please talk about glass that would be worthy of such a titan?

You are right that physics and optics and the energy of light generate the picture.  But it is the electronics and software that captures it.

The weakest link in your equipment determines what you can get:  Glass, camera, skill, experience, preparedness, maybe luck, patience, etc.

For me I benefit from incredible picture control, very fast, several times in a row.   

Example:  consider this repeating series of images: ISO 6400 at f2.8 minimum 1/320 sec then: ISO 200 at  f4.5 with a plus 1.3EV spot meter at 1/2000 sec: then back to low light.  This changes every 3.5 to 4 seconds.  I compose and shoot 3 to 5 frames at each setting and then change to the next setting.  And then back again.  Usually for 4 to 5 minutes at a time.  This ain't no point and shoot camera scenario.

My Nikons can do things that Cannon hasn't drempt about.  (Or maybe they have, but it hasn't happened yet)

Cannon users don't understand the ISO Auto settings with minimum shutter speed that is my main stay in fast changing low to medium light and fast action. 

I use excellant Glass, selected for the task.  Maybe even two bodies with different lenses, but capturing the fleeting image, for me is more limited by the camera body. 

For 30min max of recording? For that price it should be 60min if not continuous recording. I will go with an actual video camera until they make a DSLR that can shoot at least 60min of video. But the iso capability is very tempting. They also need XLR ports with preamps and a mixer. Check Canon's EOS C300 at . 

PS Yes I know that Panasonic makes one that shoots DLSR, but nothing can be Nikon’s glass. And I love Nikon and Canon's that just my preference.

I was told that Nikon has a long term problem with their sensors. Nikon was getting their sensors from Sony in the past (built to their own specs) but since Sony is now pussing to gain market share and respect in the professtional market they are keeping the larger chips for their own use. This is why Nikon has been only releasing cameras with slightly higher sensors for the past two years and trying to offer expanded range to increase their offerings. Compared to Cannon and Sony they are falling behind in sensor size.

Has anyone else heard of this? I am a HUGE Nikon fan and would hate to see them fall behind and Sony just misses something compared to Nikon.

I'm from Vietnam. I'm very happy with my D3s and my D700 some of my lenses are Tamron. The Nikon fast lens are very good but too expensive to have. I was a long time photographer and I know one thing: lenses and camera can help us taking best quality pictures but good pictures depend on the "exact moment" you shoot not more. School can teach you about all tecniques but "no one" can teach you when to shoot. But from long long time ago i'm still using Nikon and one more thing I can tell you I die with my Nikon...

Now 70 retiring at 64, I retired my10 film shooting Nikon bodies and and many lenses to learn Digi. I aspire to take the BEST of the BEST photos: surf/surfing, football/baseball/volleyball. racing indoor and outdoor, daytime and night time as well as indoor events like concerts and weddings.  I started by making a painful decision to start with D90 buying fast Nikon lenses to start and wait as long as it took for THE NIKON that replace the D3X with the "ultimate pro camera".  I have the money and strength use a pro cam.  This NEW D4 sounds awesome but not what I am waiting for.  If the next pro Nikon is a D3X replacement for action photog's will it answer my dream of  THE FAST and  THE LOW LIGHT pro cam? 

The price is too high- thinking cannon?

Que tipo de cartão ela irá usar? Será o CF ou ou SDHC???

A D7000 mostrou-se eficiente com slots de 2 cartões SDHC ? Será o mesmo sistema?

Serious question:

Does anyone know how the D4 performs on long exposures (> 120 secs) at 100 or 200 ISO?

To be precise, does the increased pixel count of the D4 increase the noise levels compared with D3 performance?

An informed answer (as opposed to supposition/assumption) would be appreciated.


If it is really 6k for the body, then I guess my good old F100 and D100 will get to continue providing me with great service for a few more years. Besides, when I have the time, I prefer simple, yet elegant large format and pinhole cameras any day over all the techno-babble.

The camera, I'm sure, will be amazing and for the "money no object" guys at Sports Illustrated and other action pro shooters, it will be their next purchase. But for me, $6K is a lot of money. Plus, I wonder what pro would go to an assignment with only 1 body - so that means $12K?

My hope was that the new camera would come in at the same price as the current D3s so all of the dentists and doctors with lightly used Nikons in their Billingham bags would trade them in so I could afford to buy one used for CHEAP!!!  Ha! 

At these prices, I'm thinking that might not happen. 

Nice camera. My hat's off to Nikon. Unless I hit the PowerBall, this one will have to remain just a dream.  

This is a full frame camera like you had when you used 35mm film. It's not the tiny APS size format almost all DSLR cameras use. It is outragously expensive but so were the APS format DSLR when they were first introduced.

Love the camera, hate the price. I think I can wait a bit until the Camera comes down in price. 

Now that we have actual photographs and description,  the rumors were way off. This camera is a work of art, a precision camera designed for true Professionals. It's comparable to, or better than Canon's new Pro model, and it's in the same price range as well. This is no toy, and a Professional Photographer would not think twice before buying this camera. The people that are complaining about the price do not understand that this is a tool, a tool of the Photographers trade. Photographers invest twenty thousand dollars or more on their lenses, why would they want a five hundred dollar body? There are many cameras to suite all the complainers, they start in that $500.00 range. I'm sure that those cameras are designed for the people that are complaining. Those people should not even be window shopping over here. I really think that those complaining about the price should know that this type of camera was not designed with them in mind, They are looking at something that's out of their league. This camera may very well be the best that NIKON has designed. I am very impressed!  High quality has never been known to be inexpensive!

I am in dilemma all the while keeping my sincererity to my nikon lenses and a few of the leica prime lenses. Should i go for the D4 or just wait for the new leica M. Pocket wise there will be bigger holes left and right. Any trade off for D2X, D100 and Leica M6 Platinum Bodies. Lenses not for sale I got mine from B&H Perth.

The only camera to compare the D4 to is the D3.  Later on in the year the 4DS and 4DX will be released.  Those you can compare to the 3DS and 3DX.

Seems there are guys here who don't know that high pixel count per square inch of sensor, or whatever measure you use, is bad for noise suppersion, while big pixels are good! The new D4 have a few millions, on a very big sensor, while a NEX-7 has almost twice as many on a much smaller sensor, thus it has lots of noise problems.

I personally prefer less noise problems, than more, so for me the new Nikon ia a move in the right direction!

Only 16.3MP? Really? My Canon 60D has 18. Sheesh. I was expecting more for the big D4 release. ::yawn::

I also started out w/ a Nikkormat back in the 70's and have been true to Nikon ever since. It took me awhile to switch to digital, but I do love my D300. I also subscribe to a couple of Photo mags, and the pros are using everything from film (Velvia) to D200's, up to the latest and greatest. I still have my F100, and I'm not sure what to do with that. A bit reluctant to part with it for some reason. I do notice the weight difference between film & digital cameras. I recently traveled to the Azores and used a Slinger camera strap - was easy to use and distributed the weight nicely while hiking and walking all over the place. I pack as minimally as possible. The D4 looks pretty awesome. I like the low/high ISO feature. Maybe someday. 

Nikon marketing is sending a strong message to the pro and semi pro photographers with such a steep price for so very little. . It's obvious they are more intrested in capturing OPP consumers with Ashton Kutcher being the spokeperson for Nikon. My assumption is Nikon needs to supliment his salary / fees by charging crazy prices for semi pro equiptment. After reviewing the specs on the D4 there is no logical reason to buy this product except for the Expeed 3 processor. I for one, am very disappointed with the direction Nikon has taken. They no longer appeal to the pro. They have taken a "me Too" position when they should be displaying a strong leadership position in an industry they helped forge.

I will wait until the spring of 2012 to see if Nikon decided to play like a big boy again in the pro arena. If not I intend to update my equiptment with a MFG who is serrious about top quality image capturing at reasonable costs. Innovation is key to any product launch, the D4 lacks true innovation.

OMG !!!! It's not 3D ... AAAAaaaaaahhh 
FML.... That just means that cannon and sony are not coming out with 3d DSLRs too.... :'(

D4.... Can we expect a son of D4/D700 update soon?????

This is a great news. At last Nikon opened the deadlock. This model will enable Nikon to stay ahead and not change the model for comming 5 years. And.... LOL..... Canon can take clue of the user reactions to announce 5D mark III with  what customer wants. Canon can now go for mark III without video capability as C300 is there for that purpose. At this sun set time (slowing economy) we need afordable tool with only required features. 

Very impressive features I'd love to try out, but I have to face facts:

1. I'm not a pro and never will be one.(At least not a D3 or D4 caliber pro)

2. I don't anticipate having the funds to ever purchase a D4.

3. Even if someone gave me a D4 I couldn't get around enough to ever use it to it's potential.

You pros and rich amatuers enjoy the features to the best of your ability as I plug along with my old D50. I had the oportunity to shoot with a D300 once and was amazed at the difference in image quality, so I can only try to imagine the difference a D4 would make. BTW....if any of you guys or gals had a D80-D200 retired on a shelf gathering dust that you could donate(or nearly donate) to me it would definitely still have some drool factor remaining for me.

I enjoyed reading the article and the comments very much. The comments are often more educational than the article.

I read Nikon's D4 announcement, as well as this one from B&H, but nowhere did I read anything about two features which would be very important to me and would compel me to upgrade from my D3s: Autofocus in movie mode and being able to view what I am shooting through the eyepiece, instead of having to rely on the monitor on the back of the camera (try using that in sunlight - an articulated instead of a fixed monitor on the back of the camera would at least help adjust for that). Not having either of those two features on my D3s severely limits my ability to shoot movies with these cameras, and I have no interest in getting another camera that requires external ways of monitoring and adjusting focus, or viewing through external monitors. Therefore this new flagship model is not, as Nikon says, "the ultimate in versatility and functionality." I guess I'll just continue to wait...

What, no built in GPS? And I thought the CF card was dead. Apparently not so.

16.1 MP?  I expected at least 21-26 MP for the top of the line.

Great looking camera, but why only 16.2 megapixels?

Why not 24 megapixels to compete with Canon?

Uncompressed video from the HDMI! Nice. Wonder if its 8 or 10 bit. 

tang-ina this!!!

Wish Nikon would work on giving some of us cameras that take only pictures! NO VIDEO and use the money diffeence in providing cameras and lenses with added improvements or lesser pricing.

What is a compatible HD recorder that  has an HDMI input? Format?

I am really wow-ing.  I started with a D40 X then last year went to a D300S which I love. . . maybe one day. . . . dreaming

Amazing but expensive. There's some videos of the D4 in action on Paul D's blog:

hola cuanto cuesta la camara en pesos mexicanos, pueden hace envios a mexico, estado de queretaro, cuanto costaria.


Just pre-ordered mine. The D3 I've had for 3 1/2 years (and paid $5k for) will be another backup.  As a working pro this looks terrific.

First: To B&H, Please delete all the negative comments from this post because it floods this with useless information.  The negative comments take away from useful, objective or positive comments on a new product by Nikon.

Second: Back to the Nikon D4.  I hope reviews come out shortly as I am interested to see how this product performs and compared to current Nikon line, mainly D3s and D3X, as well as its competitor, Canon. 


I'm going to sell the house and get two.

Not sure if that $6,000 is the retail or street.

Where's the D800?

               I am disappointed.  The D7000 already does a great job with 16 mp.  Granted that at high ISO ...very low light, its image quality degrades a little more than the FX cameras. But not much, and that isn't the common use of such cameras.  To me this camera should have come in as a  24 megapixel FX. It's technologically possible, it is the size most commentators have viewed as comparable to film, and it would blow away the whole market if it had D700 sensitivity.   At this point,  I personally am not going to spend however many thousands are involved to get less.

Wait for the D4s or D4x for higher resolution. It's coming.

For those of you comparing the D4 to the size, weight, and price of pro-sumer camera's, such as the D90, D700, etc. you simply do not know what you're talking about.  It's like comparing apples to oranges.  This is not some camera a grandma would be usinbg at home to take pictures of her dog.  This is a PROFESSIONAL tool which is designed to be used by PROFESSIONAL photographers.  You people who take photos of bugs and pets do not qualify as professionals, no matter what you think or how good you think you are.

The weight of this camera is in-line with other professional offerings from both Nikon and Canon.

The price of this camera is actually cheap compared to past FULL-FRAME professional offerings from either Canon or Nikon.

This tool is what is what it is and was designed for the working professional, please don't bash it pro-sumers until you educate yourself. After you do that, then come back here and offer us an educated opinion in this forum.

Any talk about a D 400 soon ??

Finally the D4.  6K for 16mp & vid HD.     How long a wait for the D3x replacement?    I'll wait for 30mp.

Ouch....$6K?! At that price, the Leica M9 starts to look tempting, as does any of the entry-level medium format digital offerings.

According to the limited information in the review, it appears this camera only has one processor. How will this perform compared to Canon's 1Dx with two processors?

If this body costs $6,000-USD - I'd rather spend a little more for the D3X. But I'll be sticking with my D7000 for now.

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