New Panasonic microP2 Cards and Adapter Announced at NAB 2012


Panasonic’s well-established P2 media format evolved at NAB 2012, with the announcement of the upcoming microP2 Card, and the microP2 Adapter. The new cards provide the same incredibly reliable operation and performance as current P2 Cards, in a form factor that’s the same size and shape as a common SD card. Unlike consumer SD cards, Panasonic’s new microP2 will provide extremely high-speed transfer rates, and the writing assurance of professional frame rates, codecs and compression platforms (such as the upcoming AVC-Intra200 mode of AVC-ULTRA recording).

The new microP2 Adapter will make the new microP2 Cards compatible with some older P2 equipment. The new adapter will also make it possible to use fast Class 10 SD cards with select older P2 equipment (in the place of a P2 card). While this isn’t as ideal as using a genuine P2 card, the new adapter will give video professionals a new option in a pinch. A paid firmware upgrade will be required to use the new microP2 Adapter with supported older P2 equipment. Panasonic did not release details about the specific models that will be supported.

Pricing is not yet available for these products, but this move comes in hopes of supplying users with cost-effective media solutions that do not scrimp on reliability and quality. The P2 format is famous for being nearly indestructible, and capable of flawless performance, even in the most adverse conditions. The microP2 cards will initially be available in 32- and 64GB capacities.

  microP2 Cards microP2 Adapter
Memory Type Solid-State Flash N/A
Capacities  32 and 64GB N/A
Compatible Media N/A microP2 Cards, Class 10 SDHC cards
Dimensions 1.26 x 0.94" (32 x 24mm) N/A
Weight N/A N/A

The new microP2 Cards and Adapter (as well as AVC-Intra200 mode of AVC-ULTRA recording) are not expected to be available until the spring of 2013.

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I want panasonic p2 card to sd card adapater

There are no adapters for SD cards unfortunately.

will this be compatible for use with my Ag-hpx172en camera?

The HPX172 is not compatible with Micro P2 cards unfortunately.

The HPX172 is not compatible with Micro P2 cards unfortunately.

I need an adapter card to use some of the new fast sd cards on my panasonic HPX300

what do I have to do to get there and are there any real disadvantages in operating my HPX300 in that way?

please help me learn about this.

The HPX300 is not compatible with Micro P2 cards unfortunately.

Can the Micro P2 be used in the SD card slot on the Panasonic AG-HPX370 cameras or do you need the adapter? Also can the card be read with the SD card port on the editing computer or do you need the adapter for that as well?

I want panasonic p2 card to sd card adapater