New Roland RH-A7 Headphones are Digital Piano Dedicated


High-quality digital pianos are capable of recreating the sound and feel of world-class acoustic grand pianos, and the new Roland RH-A7 Monitor Headphones were designed to faithfully reproduce these high-caliber tones. Users invest a great deal into their digital piano of choice, and they put great care into choosing a model that appeals to their specific tastes. So it makes perfect sense that they also use a pair of headphones that are capable of maintaining the level of audio quality that their instrument is producing.

The new RH-A7s are “open-air” style headphones, which means that they don’t have solid ear cups. Instead, there are perforations on the backs of the ear cups that enable the sound waves to flow more freely. Because the sound waves are not being completely obstructed, there is far less distortion, and the overall sound quality is dramatically better for the listener. This is critically important for reproducing the dynamic, full-range sound of a piano. Another plus of this design is that you don’t have to remove the headphones in order to have a conversation.

Musicians need to play for long stretches of time, and thus, the new RH-A7s were designed to be lightweight and comfortable in order to facilitate lengthy sessions. They come very close to maintaining the overall timbre of the digital piano if you switch between using the instrument’s built-in speakers and the RH-A7s (which is not the case at all if you’re switching between the built-in speakers and earbuds or closed-back headphones). And just as digital pianos are available in different finishes to match different decors, the new RH-A7 headphones are available in black, white and red.

Type Open type, dynamic
Driver 1.57" (40mm) in diameter
Sensitivty  97 dB/mW
Maximum Input 1000 mW
Impedance 34 ohms
Frequency Response 10 Hz - 25 kHz
Cord 10' (3 m)
Connector 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo mini (gold-plated), 1/4" adapter included
Weight 8 oz (200 g)

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