The New Roland TD-11 and TD-15 Sound Modules and V-Drums Kits


Roland has announced the new TD-11 and TD-15 drum sound modules, which are available individually or bundled in new V-Drums kits, and feature Roland’s SuperNATURAL technology with Behavioral Modeling. But how do these flashy-sounding marketing terms benefit you? The additional technology makes the overall playing experience sound even more realistic, and the sensitivity of the attached drum pads and cymbals is increased. SuperNATURAL sounds with Behavioral Modeling technology makes the reaction time of triggers blazingly fast, and was originally developed by Roland for its top-shelf digital pianos and synthesizers. It only started getting incorporated into the V-Drums engines in early 2012 with the introduction of its flagship percussion sound module, the TD-30. The new TD-11 and TD-15 bring this improved tech within the reach of many more percussionists.

Besides the advanced new sound architecture, there are a few more commonalities that both new modules share. The TD-11 and TD-15 both feature professionally recorded backing tracks and patterns to play along with, and their rear panels are equipped with dual USB ports for saving custom kits and playing WAV and MP3 files from external drives. The modules can be connected to computers via USB as well, and pass audio and MIDI for performing and producing music. In addition to the training patterns, both feature a built-in rhythm coach that helps you develop and maintain new drumming techniques. You can even record your performances with the quick press of a button and play the recordings back just as easily.

What makes the modules different is that the TD-11 features 50 complete drum kits, whereas the TD-15 comes with 100. The TD-15 also has ten multi effects that can be used to for processing the sound, as well as dedicated buttons for controlling the effects, and for tuning and muffing the drum sounds. The TD-11 features eleven trigger inputs, whereas the TD-15 features twelve.

Both models are compatible with Roland’s new Wireless Connect USB Adapter, which makes it possible to record your drum performances and play along with songs loaded on an iPhone wirelessly, and use the new V-Drums Friend for iPhone app, which grants you access to more practice songs and training exercises and lets you compete in percussion contests with other drummers around the world. You can Tweet your results. Learn all about Roland Wireless Connect in this B&H InDepth announcement

There are two varieties of complete V-Drums kits available for each of the two new sound modules, which bring the full SuperNATURAL drumming experience to players at different price points. The most budget-friendly of the bunch is the TD-11K V-Compact Series kit. Housed on the compact yet sturdy MDS-4V stand, this electronic drum set features the PDX-8 mesh V-pad dual-trigger snare, three rubber PD-8A tom pads, a CY-5 hi-hat cymbal pad that features a natural swing movement with bow and edge triggers, an FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller, two CY-8 cymbal pads and the KD-9 bass drum pad (kick pedal not included). The TD-11KV V-Compact Series kit steps things up a bit by upgrading the two of the tom drums to PDX-6 mesh V-Pads, and the third to a PDX-8 mesh V-pad, and provides a CY-12 crash cymbal and one CY-13R ride cymbal with an enlarged bow area and triggering in the edge, bow and bell.

The TD-15K V-Tour Series kit gets you into the next level sound engine, and outfits you with two PDX-8 V-Pads for snare and floor tom, and two PDX-6 V-Pads for rack toms. You get one CY-12C crash cymbal, the CY-13R ride, and the CY-5 hi-hat with the FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller. The bass drum is the KD-9 (kick pedal not included). The TD-15KV V-Tour Series kit empowers you with advanced playability with its ultra-realistic VH-11V hi-hat, two PDX-100 V-Pads for snare and floor tom, and two PD-85BK rack toms.  

  TD-11 TD-15
Drum Kits 50 100
Instruments 190 500
Instrument Parameters Tuning, muffling, snare buzz, strainer, tone color, volume, pan Tuning, muffling, snare buzz, strainer, tone color, volume, pan
Effects Types Ambience (10 types), 4-band EQ Ambience (10 types), 4-band EQ, Multi Effect (10 types)
Ambience Parameters Type, character, size, wall, shape Type, character, size, wall, shape
Song Preset songs: 14 CD-ROM, Song: 38, Pattern: 22  Preset songs: 23 CD-ROM, Song: 38, Pattern: 22 
Quick Record Resolution: 480 ticks per quarter note, Max note storage: 30k notes Resolution: 480 ticks per quarter note, Max note storage: 30k notes
USB Memory Song Player File format: WAV/MP3 File format: WAV/MP3
Display 64 x 128 dots graphic backlit LCD 64 x 128 dots graphic backlit LCD
Trigger Inputs 10 (DB-25) + CRASH2 1/4" TRS 10 (DB-25) + CRASH2 1/4" TRS and Aux 1/4" TRS
Inputs 1 x 3.5mm stereo mix in (to connect iPod, etc.)  1 x 3.5mm stereo mix in (to connect iPod, etc.) 
Outputs 2 x 1/4" TS, 1 x 1/4" TRS headphone, 
1 x MIDI Out
2 x 1/4", 1 x stereo 1/4" headphone,
1 x MIDI Out
Connectivity 1 x USB computer port, 1 x USB memory port 1 x USB computer port, 1 x USB memory port
Output Impedance  1.0 k ohm 1.0 k ohm
Power Supply AC adpater (9 VDC) AC adpater (9 VDC)
Current Draw 350 mA 450 mA
Dimensions 6.1 x 3.5 x  8.9" (154 x 89 x 225mm)   6.1 x 3.5 x  8.9" (154 x 89 x 225mm)  
Weight 1.47 lb (665 g) 1.51 lbs (685 g)

These instruments were announced at Musikmesse 2012, and are expected to be available at B&H in late May 2012.

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Hi. Just purchased the TD-11 and it only has 25 kits. It was a showroom drumkit but it's factory reset. Do recent versions have less kits?

Hi Andreas - 

Current products offer 50 drum kits also:  

Roland TD-11K V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Set with MDS-4V Stand 


  • TD-11 Drum Sound Module
  • 50 Drumkits and 190 Instruments
  • 10 Ambience Effects and Built-in EQ
  • SuperNATURAL Sound and Behavior Modeling
  • PDX Series Snare Pad
  • KD-9 Kick Pad with Double Pedal Support
  • FD-8 Hi-hat Controller
  • Dual-triggering Technology
  • USB Port for Memory and Connectivity
  • MDS-4V Drum Rack and Hardware


Where are the trigger inputs? Ive never seen a photo of them in any advertisement for htetd 11 or 15?

Where are they?.

Thank you

Hi Trance -

The main TRIGGER INPUT connector is on the bottom side of the module.
Connect the included dedicated cable to this connector, and use it to connect the pads and pedals.

The AUX  triggers are on the side panel of the module unit.

Details and illustrations may be found in the owner's manual for the TD-15 Drum Sound Module

Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions:

I want to create my own sound and store it onto a USB, then trigger my sound via a pad from the TD15. Can this be done and how? if not what are my options? How do I trigger my own sounds using the TD 15 pads?

Hi Mikey -

With a USB flash drive connected to the module, you can play back audio files (WAV, MP3) directly from the USB flash drive.

When a USB flash drive is connected, your recorded data is automatically exported to the USB flash drive. Only the five most recent recorded performances will be exported as SMF data.  SMF (Standard MIDI File) is a standard file format that allows performance data to be exchanged between various musical applications.

Using the SAVE/LOAD function you can save a drum kit to your USB flash drive, or load a previously-saved drum kit from the USB flash drive back into the TD.

Please see the ROLAND Instruction Manual for full details.

Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions:

I have recently purchased the TD15v kit. Having played a Legacy DD512 prior to this and using it for live performance which I thought had quite a nice sound, mind you I had to work on the sound with all the ajustments. Roland has created an ecellent excellent electronic kit. I had to get use to the mesh heads after playing solid ones but the difference was huge. I have played live with this kit already and just using No.1 pre set kit, Profesional Beech Kit, let me tell you it sounds brilliant, the ambience, the ballance of sound, the feel of the kit just, well, spun me out somewhat with what they have achieved. Everytime I play this kit it puts a smile to my face because of the sound it produces and it makes me wonder how they got to do this, just brilliant. Then there are the cymbals, what can I say, again once you get use to them they sound very good and work very well and of course you can change the pitch to suit yourself. All in all, i can recommend this Kit if you want superior sound, playabillity and adaptability then this is it. Well done Roland. Just to let you know, I am not a Roland employee and this is my first Roland Kit. Yep, if you are thinking of getting this Kit, do yourself a favour and get it and I hope you enjoy it like I have. Happy Slappin.