New Sakar Disney iPad Cameras for Kids




Many children with digital cameras, as well as some of their parents, have been stymied by their inability to join their iPads and cameras. That’s about to change with the release of the Sakar Disney iPad Camera. Soon to be available in one of five color/cartoon faces, the camera contains a 30-pin plug in its base, 

so the entire device can be connected directly to an iPad or iPad 2.  

Sakar envisions that the child will take pictures (still only) with the 7MP camera apart from an iPad or iPad 2, then connect it (with or without adult help) for plug-and-play use with the Disney Pix photo-editing app free from the Apple AppStore, and then have the option to upload to file-sharing websites or to email. The camera could also be used hooked up to an iPad or iPad 2, though in this scenario there’s more of an advantage for iPad users since the iPad 2 already has two built-in cameras.

The camera has a MicroSD slot and comes with a 32MB card. Since the camera is meant as a dedicated peripheral for an iPad or iPad 2, there is no USB port for transferring images to a computer (without first going through an iPad). Of course, you can always use a USB MicroSD card reader such as the Iogear SD/MicroSD/MMC Card Reader/Writer.

The camera contains a 4x digital zoom and 1.5-inch preview screen. There’s a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, too. The choice of Sakar Disney iPad Camera models is comprised of Tinkerbell on purple background; Phineas & Ferb on aquamarine; Princess in pink; Minnie (Mouse) on red; and Mickey (Mouse) silhouetted on blue. The cartoon graphics are designed to elicit a smile even without the operator saying so.

Resolution 7Mp
Screen 1.5"
Internal Memory None
Memory Slot MicroSD
Included Card 32MB
Connectors 30-pin plug to iPad or iPad 2
Optical Zoom None
Digital Zoom 4x
Battery Built-in rechargeable