The New Samsung WB750 Digital Camera


It can be very difficult to select a point-and-shoot digital camera to buy from the hundreds of models that are available. That’s why is makes sense to simply buy one that does it all. Samsung's WB750 Digital Camera can meet all of your photographic needs, and then some—a good preventive measure against buyer’s remorse.

The WB750 is a sleek, pocket size, 12-megapixel digital camera that takes stills and 1080p HD video. The camera also features a 24mm, 18x optical zoom lens and a 24x Smart-Zoom that supplements the optical zoom. Naturally, you can capture 2D still images, but the WB750 also takes 3D photos and it features panoramic modes. In fact, you can even capture up to six 10-megapixel still images while recording HD video.


Like any modern camera, the WB750 can work in a fully automatic mode in which all you have to do is point and shoot. Other automatic modes include Aperture Priority, where you set the aperture and the camera selects a shutter speed. Shutter Priority lets you set the shutter speed while the camera selects the right aperture. If, for any reason, you want greater control over the WB750, you can always shoot with full manual control.

Features such as Face Tracking, Face Detection and Face Recognition ensure that each shot comes out the way you want it to. Face Tracking locks on to faces in motion, while Face Detection automatically adjusts the focus and exposure after identifying a face. Face Recognition remembers the best focus for faces that are photographed most.

The Samsung WB750 is loaded with creative features that take your photos and videos to a fresh creative dimension. Magic Frame, for example, adds one of 12 background templates to your photos, while Creative Movie Maker lets you create slideshows containing your stills and video along with a soundtrack—pulled right from the camera.