New SWIVI External Monitor for DSLRs Gives you the Big Picture


It’s true that the displays on most new DSLRs measure at least three inches, and many of them offer impressive resolution as well. But the fact of the matter is that three inches really isn’t all that large, especially for individuals with less than perfect vision. Dot Line's new SWIVI External Monitor for DSLRs offers a relatively huge 5.6 inches of display area to give photographers the big picture.

The SWIVI external monitor uses a bracket to attach to a camera's tripod mount, and it plugs into the camera’s HDMI output; if your camera doesn’t have an HDMI output and Live-View function, you can’t use this accessory. The SWIVI also provides an HDMI output that will pass the signal on to yet another device.

In use, the SWIVI display hangs from the side of your camera and can tilt and swivel into whatever position offers you the best ergonomics. An included sunshade hood eliminates glare and lets you see details in bright sunlight. When not in use, the swiveling bracket allows the display to fold in behind the camera, to make the assembly less cumbersome.

The SWIVI external monitor has an 800 x 600 pixel resolution and features a Peaking mode to help verify sharp focus. A Zoom In/Zoom Out function can highlight small details, and stereo speakers let you and one or two viewers hear the recorded audio with adequate volume. The SWIVI is powered by six AAA batteries or a Canon-type LP-E6 battery, neither of which are included.

LCD Size 5.6"
Resolution 800 x 600
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Viewing Angle (H/V) 140/120
Brightness 350cd/㎡
Contrast Ratio 500:1
Vertical Swivel Angle 180°
Horizontal Swivel Angle 270°
Inputs Mini HDMI
Outputs HDMI
Speakers 2x 2W
Working Temperature 32-104°F (0-40°C)
Working Humidity 10-90%
Power Supply Canon LP-E6 battery
or 6x AAA batteries 

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Hi there, I see on most forums on the web that the SWIVI is mostly used by Canon shooters. Can it also be used with a Sony A7S II? 

Hi Frederik - 

That's most likely due to the fact that the SWIVI uses a Canon battery. It should with a Sony A7S II also.

Hello , will the swivi turn of if I connect an other Hdmi monitor on the hdmi output of the swivi ?

Hi Duncan -

The SWIVI EXTERNAL MONITOR must be powered on to pass the HDMI signal from the camera to it's HDMI output.

Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions:

I believe that what Duncan wanted to ask is the following.
If you plugin another monitor in the HDMI on the SWIVI that is mounted on the camera will you lose visual on the SWIVI monitor?
In other words, SWIVI is plugged in the Camera. I can see the image on SWIVI. If I plug another monitor on SWIVI through it's HDMI out, will I still have visual on the SWIVI or will I lose it?

How would you use an external mic with it? If monitor is placed on the left, mic & headphone jacks can't be inserted. If placed on top, mic can't be attached. What's the way to go about it?

That is a limitation of this monitor when mounted on the camera. To use it while keeping those ports open you would need to mount it to a rig of some sort so that it is off of the camera itself.

you can actually use 3.5mm extenders to use the ports hidden on the left hand side of the camera.

Get a 3.5mm Male to Female cable. About an inch long is usually sufficient and you need to make sure that the male part of the cable is a right angle (L) kind so that it will fit in the space. (:

How much does that costs ?

Hello -

Dot Line's SWIVI External Monitor for DSLR is currently priced at $349.95

How well does it fit on a d7000 that does not have the extra battery pack on the botom? Photo please?


I was able to find images of the SWIVI External Monitor on a 7D without a grip on the WPPI  web site. I am not able to test it on a D7000 and take pictures. From the image posted. it looks like there should be no issues.

Does it have a tripod mount as well so you could still use a tripod? Otherwise, I see no advantage to other tethering options.

It does have a standard tripod screw mount on the bottom so it is able to be mounted inbetween the camera and tripod.

Can you still use the standard camera viewfinder, ir can an eyepiece extender be used to allow the standard viewfinder to be used?

When using the HDMI out in live view the viewfinder will be closed on most cameras. You would then be only using the Swivi monitor for viewing.

But can you turn off the HDMI out and use the view finder, with removing the SWVI?

Only by unplugging the HDMI. The HDMI is hidden behind the side of the SWIVI, so you would need to take the SWIVI off to switch back to using the viewfinder.

Actually, you just just press the off button on the swivi and the monitor will go off. Once the monitor is off, the camera itself will function as per normal.