New Tascam DR-40 Firmware Update Adds Independent Level Control


The Tascam DR-40, which B&H InDepth announced recently, is the most budget-friendly portable digital recorder on the market that offers advanced features like dual combo-XLR inputs and four-channel recording. A new firmware update adds independent level-control to its external inputs. This feature will benefit anyone who uses external XLR microphones (and line-level signals) with the DR-40, whether it’s a musician laying down tracks, podcasters producing a multiple microphone episode, or a video producer using the DR-40 to record the sound for an HDSLR production.

Say you’re doing a video shoot and you have a wireless microphone plugged into one XLR input on the DR-40, and a shotgun microphone plugged into the second XLR input; the new V1.10 firmware will enable to adjust the levels separately on those inputs, so you get an optimal recording of each mic. This is a fundamentally important task in audio recording, and a welcome new addition to the DR-40.

For more information (and instructions for loading the free V1.10 firmware update), please visit Tascam’s website. If you have any questions about the DR-40, we encourage you to submit a Comment below.   


Do the tascam version dr40 version 2 needs this update?

Hi Andrew - 

No it does not.  Please see the Tascam DR-40 release notes:

I'm interested in using the DR40 with a Canon 5D MKII. Which cable do I need to get the 35db pad and splitter for headphone monitoring? Otherwise do I have to use the sescom cable with the 25db pad and splitter designed for the Zoom h4n because a 35db padded splitter is not available?

Hi Sam,

Are you so kind to tell me if Tascam DR-40 have the possibility to also adjust independently the audio from the inbuilt mics?

If that is a possibility, can be done at the same time with XLR inputs?

Nevertheless, can you tell me if there is any advantage in adjusting the inboard mics independently? (examples please)

Thank you for your feedback!

I ordered my Tascam DR-40 early April from B&H - will this model also need the firmware update? I wasn't sure which models were affected... Thanks!

Hello -

It is possible that current shipments of the DR40 include the upgraded firmware. The new update allows independent control over the two input levels, so you can match up different microphones. The delay setting has also been expanded, especially useful for live recordings when the console is far away from the band. If you find that you need the update, the firmware download is quick and painless. Just go to Tascam's website

Hello, I just downloaded and installed the new firmware.   How do I adjust the inpu levelst for the individual channels (rather than just the pairs)??   I can't seem to figure it out. 


Hello -

Please see the new Tascam DR-40 release notes for a step-by-step guide to adjusting the input levels of the individual channels.

Just purchased a dr-40. testing audio with sennheiser lavs and seems to work well.

but for some reason the dr-40 won't work with my rode ntg-2. i tested the mic---works. tested the cable---works. 

any thoughts?


Hello -

Be sure to set the "EXT IN" switch on the left side of the recorder to Mic+ Phantom. In the SYSTEM menu  - use the "PHANTOM-VOLT" item to select 48V.  If you have additional questions, send us an e-mail: