New Think Tank Pro Speed Belt V2.0 Keeps Gear at Hand or Out of the Way


Casual photographers can afford to keep all their camera gear snugly squirreled away in a camera bag or backpack because it’s no big deal if they miss a shot. But professional photographers make a living taking pictures and can’t afford to fumble through a bag full of gear looking for a particular item. Professionals must have all their gear within reach at all times. The new Think Tank Pro Speed Belt V2.0 is part of a modular component system designed for photographers who need immediate access to their gear. 

The Think Tank Pro Speed Belt V2.0 forms the heart of this modular component system. Various optional lens and accessory pouches attach to the belt and can slide around to a position that’s easily within reach or out of the way. The system can be reconfigured in an instant depending on the camera, lens or accessory you need for a particular shoot, regardless of whether it’s a news-gathering assignment, wedding or sporting event. 

The Pro Speed Belt is a waist belt that lets you arrange your gear for easy access or ergonomic weight distribution to prevent back fatigue. All edges of the belt are fully padded for comfort and the belt can be kept in one position while the attached components can rotate around it. It’s much easier to navigate through crowds when you rotate any attached gear behind your back, and other positions make it easier to shoot while crouching, laying on the ground or braced against a wall. The attached components can also be locked into a desired position to prevent them from shifting. 

The Pro Speed Belt is compatible with Think Tank’s optional Pixel Racing Harness. The harness transfers much of the weight on the belt to your shoulders, which makes lengthy photo shoots more tolerable. 

You’ll want a Pro Speed Belt that fits you properly. The belt is available in four sizes. The Small-Medium size fits waists from 27” to 34” (68.5 to 86.3 cm) based on actual waist measurement. Medium-Large fits waists from 32” to 42” (81.3 to 106.7 cm). Large-X-Large fits waists from 38” to 48” (96.5 to 121.9 cm) and X-Large-XX-Large fits waists from 44” to 64” (111.8 to 162.6 cm). A Buckle Stop feature prevents the belt from loosening and also makes it easy to resize. Because pants sizes can differ from your actual waist measurement, you should measure your waist with a tape measure for the best fit.

Material Nylon with EVA padding (ethylene vinyl acetate) 
Waist Sizes Small-Medium
27” to 34” (68.5 to 86.3 cm)
32” to 42” (81.3 to 106.7 cm)
38” to 48” (96.5 to 121.9 cm)
44” to 64” (111.8 to 162.6 cm)

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