NVIDIA Jumps Into the Mobile Gaming Market


Mobile gaming is growing rapidly with the advent of Sony’s Playstation Vita and an ever-expanding array of mobile devices including the iPad, iPhone, and a variety of Android phones and tablets. Each of these devices is capable of accessing a dedicated marketplace, giving the user the ability to browse and download a variety of games and applications. In the midst of this new growth, NVIDIA has jumped into the mobile gaming arena with an intuitive multimedia powerhouse intended to outperform all other mobile devices, and they call this device The Shield.

You may ask, what makes this device stand out in the saturated and ever-expanding mobile-device market?  First, The Shield is an all-in-one mobile gaming machine that incorporates a console-style game controller with a 5-inch, 720p multi-touch display as well as integrated stereo speakers and a built-in microphone. Inside The Shield lies a custom 72-Core NVIDIA GeForce GPU along with a quad-core 1.9 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 4 Mobile Processor with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of flash storage. 

NVIDIA has also avoided another major flaw to which many Android devices have succumbed, Android fragmentation. The Shield comes with a pure version of Android Jelly Bean preinstalled, thus making it compatible with nearly all applications currently available in the Google Play Store. Aside from Android compatibility, one of the most intriguing features of The Shield is its ability to connect wirelessly to any PC equipped with any NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 or later graphics card, making it possible to stream gameplay through any 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi network directly to The Shield (PC streaming will be released as a BETA feature at launch). Along with Wi-Fi connectivity, The Shield also supports Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity to easily connect compatible Bluetooth devices.

The feature-packed mobile gaming device also comes equipped with mini-HDMI output, micro-USB 2.0 connectivity, one microSD card slot, and one 3.5mm stereo jack with microphone support. Simply start up your Shield and begin gaming, watching movies, and playing games. The Shield comes with two games, Sonic 4 Episode II THD and Expendable: Rearmed, as well as access to Google Play, NVIDIA TegraZone, Hulu Plus (subscription required), and TwitchTV.

Be on the lookout, as NVIDIA is preparing to begin shipments of The Shield in early summer, 2013.