Plug Mics and Guitars into an iPad/iPhone with the New Tascam iXZ


The new Tascam iXZ is a tiny, pocket-sized device that enables you to connect a professional XLR microphone to an Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. It can also supply a condenser microphone with phantom power. The iXZ runs on two AA batteries and can feed phantom power to a microphone for up to 15 hours.

Guitar players can use the iXZ to connect their favorite guitar or bass to Apple devices as well. The input on the iXZ is a combo XLR and 1/4” jack, so in one slot you can insert either a guitar cable or an XLR connector. The input can also be switched to accept a consumer line level audio signal. Plus, if you’re not using the phantom power feature on the iXZ, then you don’t need to bother with batteries at all!

This is a cool little device which will let you tap into the plethora of recording, performing, composing and DJing apps that are available on Apple’s App Store. A headphone output is found on the back of the iXZ, and you simply adjust your headphone level with the volume controls on your Apple device. The iXZ also features an input level dial for adjusting the mic or other source you have plugged in.

The sweet little Tascam iXZ is available for pre-order right now at B&H!

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I am a radio host. I want to use my Iphone to record a show out in the filed. Can I use multiple mic's using the  Tascam iXZ interface?

I know I would have to use a mixer to do that, but will this device support  that? Do you have an illustration depicting my delimna?


Hi BJ -

This product is designed for one guitar  OR one dynamic mic.  It is not phantom powered.  You could use a mic mixer if using two mics.  if using a mixer, be sure to switch the iXZ to "LINE" input.

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