Pre-visualize Your Photos with Sony's New A35 DSLR


Sony has announced its new a35 DSLR, a camera loaded with new features, and one that B&H will have for sale in August. One of the more interesting features built into the new a35 is Sony's Translucent Mirror Technology, which allows continuous autofocus while shooting still photos or HD video. The translucent mirror allows some light to reach the AF sensor at all times, thus permitting continuous autofocus.

The a35 packs an effective resolution of 16.2 megapixels on its Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor, along with a maximum sensitivity of ISO 12800 and an extended ISO setting of 25600. The camera can shoot continuous 5.5 frame-per-second rapid stills at full resolution, and a Tele-zoom High Speed Shooting mode magnifies a central portion of the image area by 1.4 times to allow continuous shooting at up to 7 fps. This mode is ideal for capturing fast-moving subjects in a series of stills.

In addition to a high resolution, 3-inch LCD screen, the a35 also features a high-resolution Tru-Finder display, or EVF, with full 100% field coverage. Beginners will appreciate the onscreen help guide that explains how to use various functions. A new in-camera Picture Effect setting lets users see right on the screen how various picture effects will affect the image they will capture before actually capturing it, so they needn’t do any extra work in post production. Picture effects include Retro Photo, High-key, Toy Camera and Posterization.

The Sony a35 will cost about $700 with an 18-55mm zoom kit lens, and about $600 for the body with no lens.