Sekonic Illuminometer i-346 Measures Lux and Foot-candles


As the name suggests, the new Sekonic Illuminometer i-346 is not your typical light meter. Unlike traditional light meters, which with few exceptions are primarily designed to interpret light values in terms of f/stops and shutter speeds, the Sekonic i-346 Illuminometer measures light in terms of lux & foot-candles.*


The Sekonic Illuminometer i-346 is designed for measuring illumination levels in workplaces, construction zones, gallery and museum spaces, theatrical environments and other situations where there's a need for critical incremental light measurements. Reflected or incident light readings can be displayed on the meter's large LCD in the form of foot-candles (fc) or Lux (lx), depending on one's needs and can be recorded as single readings, continuous readings, as well as in delayed reading (up to 60 seconds) for times the operator has to be out of measuring range of the meter.

The Sekonic Illuminometer i-346 is a compact 2.3"W x 4.3"H x .87"D (63 x 110 x 22mm), light (3.35 oz. or 95g including battery), has a temperature operating range of 32° to 104°F (0°C ~ 40°C), and can power from a single AA battery for up to 20 hours. A manganese AA battery and soft case are included.

* A foot-candle is a universal unit of measurement equal to 1 lumen per-square-foot (lmft2). Lux is an international metric unit of luminance equal to 1 lumen per-square-meter (lm/m2).



This is regarding your instrument, the 'Sekonic Illuminometer'. Is it possible to use this device to take continuous set of readings of streetlighting, as one drives along a stretch of road? And is it possible to view the export the readings on the computer?

If this is possible, could you please let us know the pricing of the device?

Looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

Best Regards,

The meter is capable of doing continuous readings, however it will not likely meet the criteria you have asked about.  There is no export feature to export the readings to a computer.  This is just a meter and the readings are only displaced on its LCD display, so to be useful for your purposes you'd likely have to stop at each light and take the reading in order to document it manually, thus not doing a continuous drive-by type of reading.

You may view the meter on our website by clicking on the picture of it above, where it will then give you pricing and shipping details.