Serato DJ Intro: Free for Qualifying Hardware Owners


The New Zealand-based software manufacturer Serato Audio Research produces some of the most popular applications for DJing with a computer, but, until now, if you wanted to get into using their DJ products, purchasing a higher-end piece of proprietary hardware (like the Rane TTM-57SL or the Pioneer DDJ-S1) was required. This is no longer the case. A new DJing program was just announced called Serato DJ Intro, and it’s available as a free download. The only caveat is that in order to use Serato DJ Intro, you must have one of the following products connected to your computer:  

Vestax Typhoon

Vestax VCI-100 MKII

Vestax VCI-400


Numark MixDeck Express

Numark MixDeck

Serato DJ Intro is designed to be easy to get up and running. No serial numbers or codes need to be input or verified. This software is all about hassle-free, plug-and-play operation. You’ll find two track-mixing capabilities in the program with scratching, nudge, pitch bend and EQ. The GUI includes Serato’s beloved colored waveforms, so you can differentiate kick drums from snares and hats just by looking at the waveform. It’s got automatic beat sync, Serato Crates and iTunes integration, cue points, looping, built-in DJ effects and a four slot sample player that lets you play entire tracks or toot air horns till the break of dawn.

The great news is that some of the hardware required to use Serato DJ Intro is significantly less expensive than what’s required to use the ITCH and Scratch Live products. If you happen to have one of these products already sitting on your desk, you’re getting a free, unexpected gift! If you’ve been curious about using Serato’s DJing software but unwilling to make that large initial investment, Serato DJ Intro is a great new way to dip your feet in, and rock the party.