Sony CLM-V55 Clip-on 5” LCD Monitor


To date, the largest LCD you’re likely to find on a DSLR measures about 3.5” diagonally. Even among pricier medium-format DSLRs, the largest LCDs top out at 6 x 7 cm (2-1/4 x 2-3/4”). The reason we can’t have larger LCDs has nothing to do with technical limitations, but simply the fact there’s physically no room for larger screens, even the touch-screen variety.

As a solution to this problem, Sony has introduced the CLM-V55, a 5”, high-resolution WVGA (800 x 480) swivel-based clip-on LCD monitor designed to make composing and reviewing imagery easier when shooting HD video and stills. If you've long wished for a larger, brighter image when shooting with a DSLR, the Sony CLM-V55 should prove to be a welcome addition to your camera system.


To furhter enhance your workflow and viewing needs, a selection of monitor settings including aspect ratios (16:9/4:3), brightness, contrast, volume, color tone (phase), color temperature and an auto dimmer, can be easily adjusted using the CLM-V55’s built-in command dial. There’s also a zoom-in function that magnifies the central portion of the frame for fine-focusing your imagery. In addition to a built-in mono speaker, the Sony CLM-V55 also features a headphone jack for more precise monitoring of the audio portion of your video recordings. Note: Audio is monaural only when recording video, and stereo only in playback mode.

Though branded for use with Sony DSLRs, the CLM-V55 can also be mounted on almost any DSLR or HD camcorder using the included shoe adapter. Also included with the Sony CLM-V55 is a detachable LCD hood designed to fend off glare in bright lighting conditions.