Soul by Ludacris: Pro Headphone Sound, Rock-Star Styling


Soul by Ludacris aims to provide the same sound quality you would expect in a professional pair of headphones, with a stylish and snazzy exterior. They were designed in collaboration with rap star Ludacris, who feels that all good music makes you feel something in your soul. If the music you’re listening to has a direct connection with your inner being, your headphones should celebrate this feeling. As a result, every model in Soul’s new lineup sounds exceptional, looks great and feels comfy. 

The offerings consist of three traditional headphone designs and two different pairs of ear buds. All three of the traditional headphone models come with two kinds of detachable cables (one with an in-line remote and mic, and a regular audio cable with a stereo mini-plug connector). Both cables feature a right-angle connector, and the headphones come with a travel case (with an integrated carabiner) and a cleaning cloth (so you can polish the cans and make them shine). Both pairs of ear buds also feature an in-line remote and mic, as well as a carrying case.

The in-line remote on all of the models is fully compatible with Apple gadgets like the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Compatibility with Android and BlackBerry devices varies. The volume controls may work on some, but not the call-answer button and vice versa. With an Apple device, the remote enables you to answer and hang up calls, reject calls, use Call Waiting, control volume, play or pause media, fast forward and rewind and even scan forward during a song or movie.


Starting at the top, the SL300 headphones supply you with premium sound, active noise cancellation and lots of options. They feature glowing logos on the sides of the earcups, which can be turned on or off (depending on how many heads you want to turn). The active noise-canceling circuitry can also be turned on or off and the cable can be detached, so you can just use them as noise-canceling earmuffs. They feature an attractive quilted cushion in the headband and a solid looking ear cup/headband design that folds for storage. The active noise canceling runs on two AAA batteries and unlike competing headphones, if the batteries die, the SL300 headphones keep working but without noise cancellation. Even though they hold two batteries, the SL300s still manage to be surprisingly lightweight. They’re available in two striking color combinations: a somewhat subdued white and black and a more attention-grabbing gold. SL300 headphones also come with dual gold-plated adapters for airplanes and ¼-inch jacks, plus batteries.

SL300 White and Black SL300 Gold

The Soul by Ludacris SL150 headphones are a little smaller than the SL300s, and lack the active noise-canceling circuitry, but they deliver a sound quality that’s nearly as good, and they look stylish on your head or around your neck. They have a similar folding design that features a solid ear cup with a comfortable articulating ear cushion. They’re also available in two sharp looking color combinations: white and black and chrome and black. This model is winning over lots of fans for its sound quality. The SL150 headphones come with a gold-plated 1/4” adapter for connecting to old-school equipment.

SL150 White and Black SL150 Chrime and Black

If you’re looking for headphones that are even more compact, you should check out the SL100s. They’re built tough, and are a little more durable than other options, making them a good candidate for younger music fans. Their sound quality isn’t quite as good as the SL150s, but it’s definitely better than average. Like the other Soul headphones, they’re available in two color combos: blue and black and red and black.

SL100 Blue and Black SL100 Red and Black

Ear Buds

Both of the ear bud models from Soul by Ludacris offer a substantial upgrade over the ear buds that came with your media player, tablet or smartphone. If you’ve never used premium ear buds before, you’re really missing out on the extra comfort and high-quality sound. Both models come with small, medium and large replaceable ear tips to suit different ear sizes (the medium sized ear tips come installed on the ear buds by default). As mentioned earlier, both models feature the in-line remote/mic.

SL99 SL49

The standout model of Soul by Ludacris earbuds are the SL99s. They simply provide excellent sound and have a solid build quality, too. The more budget-friendly SL49s are missing some of the dynamic sound quality that the SL99s have, but the sound they reproduce will impress you nonetheless, and they’re also well made.

  SL100 SL150 SL300 SL49 SL99
Type On Ear On Ear Around Ear Ear Bud Ear Bud
Active Noise-Canceling No No Yes No No
In-Line Remote/Mic Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Included Airplane Adapter No No Yes No No
Included 1/4" Adapter No Yes Yes No No
Color Combinations Red/black, blue/black  White/black, black/chrome White/black, gold Black/chrome Black/chrome

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Are the Soul Headphones compatible with Android phones ?

Hi Derrick -

Soul by Ludacris are compatible with many Android phones and tablets.

Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions:

Our headphones came without a cover for batteries