Trigger 20 Songs Instantly with the Tascam RC-20


People are accustomed to going to the theater and hearing sound cues fired off at the right moments. During a show, the sound effects all happen right on the beat; a song will start playing just as the house lights come up, etc. There’s usually a tech person in the booth attentively triggering all of these sounds, and one way they can do this effectively is with the Tascam RC-20 Direct Play Remote and either the CD-500 or CD-500B CD players (the “B” version features balanced XLR outputs).

The CD players enable you to pre-load twenty songs or sound files into memory, so you can utilize their Flash Start capability. There is no waiting for the CD player to “spin up.” With Flash Start, the sounds will fire off instantly.

The RC-20 gives you a way to trigger, stop and load these sounds remotely. The face of the CD-500 series CD players have 10 buttons to trigger Flash Start sounds, but the RC-20 gives you 20, and leaves room for a strip of tape above the two rows of buttons for labeling. This system offers a lot of power in a compact form factor and is an indispensible tool in live sound and installations.