Tune Up iPad Color with Datacolor Spyder3 Color-Calibration App for iPads


It shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that the color, contrast and tonal qualities of your digital image files appear differently even when viewed side-by-side on “identical” monitors or screens. It should be less of a surprise to learn that the color quality of your image files often looks even worse when viewed on consumer products such as other tablets and smartphones.

If you use your Apple iPad as an ever-handy visual diary, portfolio or mixed media sales tool, you should check out the new iPad app from Datacolor that allows you to create a unique color profile that enables you to view color, contrast and tonally-correct image files on your iPad1 or iPad2.

After downloading the app from Apple’s app Store, you place a Datacolor Spyder3 colorimeter (Express, Elite or Pro) onto your iPad screen, which analyzes the color characteristics of your iPad screen and creates a unique color profile for viewing images stored on Datacolor’s online photo-imaging site, SpyderGallery. In a perfectly calibrated world, the color and tonal qualities of pictures viewed on your iPad will match the tonal qualities of the monitor on which you originally edited the pictures.


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Has anyone actually been able to complete a calibration? It is a 100% FAIL for me. App crashes, or says it worked but then failed.

Idea is good, hope they will fix the program soon. At least the iPad app is free.