Two New Stands for the iPad 2


Choosing between the newly arrived Gorillamobile Ori and the Gorillamobile Yogi is a matter of lifestyle. Both Gorillamobiles are from Joby, the company that re-imagined mini tripods with trippy, twisty legs and colorful accents.

The Ori is a gray stand that doubles, when shut, as a case for carrying your iPad 2 securely. The tablet can be positioned horizontally or vertically and raised at any angle from a uniform surface. It is the more conventional stand of the two and should appeal to those who prefer order and stability.

The black Yogi, on the other hand, looks like a two-legged version of any number of Joby Gorillapods. Instead of holding a camera, the Yogi attaches to the back edge of your tablet in landscape or portrait mode. Then, it’s up to you how to adjust the legs:  bend them to change the viewing angle; knot them to provide support away from a tabletop.  You could hang your iPad from a rail for viewing a video or anchor it to your knee while reading. You could suspend your iPad from a tree limb to taunt squirrels with images of acorns. You could coil your iPad around your arm to record video while strolling through the park.

So, think of it this way: the Ori for the ordered; the Yogi for those capable of yoga. Either way, your iPad 2 rises above the fray.