Unveiled: New Tamron 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Ultra-Telephoto Zoom Lens


Responding to photographers’ interest in an all-in-one ultra telephoto lens with a broad focal-length range, Tamron has announced the new SP 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Di (VC) USD lens. With mounts for Nikon, Canon, and Sony A DSLRs, this full-frame and APS-C-compatible lens brings together fine optics, comfortable handling, and built-in Vibration Compensation (on Nikon and Canon) to provide a powerful reach that will still produce clear images, even when handheld.

Let’s start with focal-length range. Tamron has upped the ante from its current 200-500mm lens by extending the range of its new optic. On the wide end, it expands 50mm and will therefore catch many opportunities missed by a 200mm—it can even be considered for straight portraiture. More impressive is the 100mm gain on the telephoto end, which extends the lens’s reach to become a full-service ultra-telephoto, immensely useful to wildlife and sports photographers. When mounted on an APS-C camera, the 35mm focal length equivalence is an extraordinary 225-900mm on Nikon and Sony and 240-960mm on Canon.

Complementing the focal range is an optical system that includes three low dispersion glass elements in its front-most groups. These glass pieces enable the lens to correct on-axis aberrations at the telephoto end and help to deliver sharp images with a balance of high resolution and contrast. In addition, Tamron utilizes eBAND (Extra Bandwidth & Angular Dependency) and BBAR (Broad-Band Anti-Reflection) coatings to control reflections and minimize ghosting and flare when shooting in difficult light. A nine-blade circular diaphragm helps to create an aesthetic background blur, which is particularly pleasing for portrait work. The optical design also reduces the lens group’s movements while zooming, which reduces barrel extension, thus retaining a compact form during operation. An Ultrasonic Silent Drive (USD) motor provides fast, high-torque AF action yet creates little noise for smooth, silent autofocus. It also enables full-time manual focus override for exacting manual focus control, even while in AF mode.

On the Nikon and Canon mounts, the 150-600mm provides Vibration Compensation image stabilization to reduce blur and deliver sharp images even when working in low light at the long end of the zoom. The VC’s three-coil system significantly compensates for camera shake, allowing you to work handheld and still expect clear results. The Sony mount model does not incorporate the VC mechanism as Sony A DSLRs provide in-camera image stabilization. When stability is the utmost concern, a detachable, rotatable tripod collar is included. The tripod collar has been redesigned for improved durability, portability, and mounting ease. A dedicated lens hood is also included and the overall design update has created a handsome, elegant-looking lens with practical improvements, such as enlarged rubber grips on the zoom and focus rings.

Provided with the lens is the SILKYPIX Developer Studio software, which enables post-production adjustments to correct or enhance your images as well as RAW development capability. It’s an ideal match for Tamron’s SP series lenses and will emphasize the optical quality of your photography while making adjustments that will manifest your creative vision.

For more information, stop by the B&H SuperStore in New York, speak with a sales professional on the telephone at 1-800-606-6969 or contact us online via Live Chat.

Lens Mounts Nikon F, Canon EF, Sony A
Focal Length                                                150-600mm
APS-C Focal Length Equivalent Nikon & Sony: 225-900mm
Canon: 240-960mm
Maximum Aperture f/5-6.3
Minimum Aperture f/32-40
Angle of View Full-frame: 16°25’ - 4°8’
APS-C (approximate): 10°38’ - 2°40’
Minimum Focus Distance                         8.9' (2.7 m)
Maximum Magnification Ratio               1:5
Lens Construction 20 elements in 13 groups
Diaphragm Blades 9
Filter Thread Diameter 95mm
Dimensions (Ø x L) 4.16 x 10.15" (105.6 x 257.8mm)
Weight 4.3 lb (1.95 kg)

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Does this work on a Canon EOS 500D ?

I am upgrading myself to a 600mm and was looking for a suitable one from either Sigma or Tamron, other than Canon of course.

Any recommendations ?

The Tamron 150-600mm for Canon will be compatible with the Canon 500D (Rebel T1i).  It would be a solid super telephoto option for your camera. Otherwise, you might also look at the Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary Lens for Canon EF.  It would be hard to go wrong with either of those options. 

Dust gets in easily, unless i got a bad one, ? been cleaned twice in one   year   ? year and three month time,

sealing on barrel, ?

I am sorry to hear you've been having problems with dust with your copy of the lens.  Overall this lens has enjoyed a pretty good reputation, and I've not heard any consistent complaints about dust being an issue with this lens.  Generally speaking every lens at some point or another is susceptible to dust inside it, both via the manufacturing process and in general use.  In most cases the dust particles inside a lens are not so noticeable or problematic. If its that big of an issue for you, I'd recommend that you consider replacing it.

HI, I just noticed the reply, I Thank You,  Yes i tried to get Tamron to make  a replacement,i never heard anything in this matter, but they did clean it very shortly after buying it, then a second time not too long after the first time, i feel it is faulty, bad seals, quality control needs to have quality control overlook the process, or better work ethics. shame it is new, very little use, very carefully taken care of, i have a BIG BAG, extremely padded, and always in it, never in dusty conditions, but human hair and something that looks like particles of paper towel big enough to see on photos, ?  I really like the lens, as with my nikon 1200-1700mm, nikon 200-500- Sigma 150-600mm , the Tamron was ? a  spur of the moment purchase, something i saw at a photography show,  all my lenses, or most go everywhere when i travel,  My elderly toys,  I thank You , in closing

Jim Raymond

Newburyport, Massachusetts

I would definitely recommend trying to get Tamron to take the lens back and swap it out if possible.  It never hurts to press them on it if they've not given you a reply. 

Does this Tamron 150-600 work with Nikon D90??

The Tamron 150-600mm lens for Nikon would be fully compatible with the Nikon D90.

 Does B+H know when to expect having this lens in stock again? Will the Tamron give you a heads up as to next delivery?Please let us know as to the availability, thank you B+H

The Sony mount Tamron 150-600mm lens is currently in stock.  As for the Nikon and Canon mount versions, I’m not finding an ETA from Tamron for those lenses in our system.  This was a highly anticipated lens, and we have received many pre-orders for the lens.  So with that and a lack of an ETA, I unfortunately, wouldn’t be able to say when we might see the lenses in stock.  If you haven't already, you could choose the Notify When in Stock option on the lens’s page on our website.  We would then send you an email when it came into stock.

Would love to have this Len for my Nikon d5200 , would like to see a better price on this product .

 Dear B+H People, as a longtime customer of your company I read with interest about this new wonder lens from Tamron. I am well aware the Sigma also has this particular Tele lens but at double the preice. Now, a college of mine, living in Paris has checked out this Sigma Lens and he feels that it outscores the Tamron version hands down, meaning as sharpness and focal speed is concerned  Now,in your opinion, do you peolpe have enough info in the comparism of those two lenses. If so, I would like to hear about it from a reliable professional source. I do have the Tamron 18-270 lens and have excellent results. But, interested in animal and Bird shots, I am tempted to work with the 150-600 lens. The price is right and yet I am somewhat puzzled. Can you at B+H come up with a more scientific comparism between those two lenses ? Also, is the Tamron version currently in Stock at B+H? Thanks

Unfortunately we do not have enough data to give a proper comparison between the 3 (Sigma offers two versions of a 150-600mm lens) lenses.  In the USA, the Sigma’s are currently only available for pre-order and Sigma has not yet been fulfilling orders on them.  Due to this we do not have any customers or colleagues who have had a chance to thoroughly test both marks together.  In general the Tamron is still a bit hard to come by.  Once we see the Sigmas getting into the hands of users we can then get a better sense of how they stack up to the Tamron’s.

im looking to purchase this lens for canon

We are accepting order for the Tamron 150-600mm lens for Canon, and would ship those in the order they were placed.  That being said, we do not have estimated delivery date for the lens from Tamron at this time.  You could cancel an order for the lens at any time before it shipped if it were taking longer to receive than you were able to wait.  Otherwise, if you haven't already, you could choose the Notify When in Stock option on the lens’s page on our website.  We would then send you an email when it came into stock.

Pricing on this lens and time frame for availability?  Thanks, Duane

Below is a link to the lens in each mount on our website for you to regard.  The price is currently $1069.00 and we are accepting orders, however the delivery time frame at this time is unknown.  It could take several months to fulfill your order if you were to place it today.  See the following link:

Thanks for providing useful info, it is well appreciated

Regards,  Bob Hartman

If I preorder this for a nikon mount what is the approximate time for delivery

Unfortunately at the present time we could not give you a reasonable estimate for delivery if you were to place your order today.  Tamron has not given us any indication as to when they anticipate being able to fulfill orders for the lens.  Currently it is in heavy demand and they have not readily distributed it.  Once we receive better information from Tamron we will post that information on the product link for the lens on our website.