Use Your Leica M Lenses with the Ricoh M-Mount GXR A12 Module


Ricoh’s GXR module camera system, one of the more “curious” camera systems to come down the pike in quite some time, curiously enough, just might become the next “it” camera with the announcement of its long-awaited M-mount module.

The GXR M-mount A12 module, which contains a 12MP APS-C (1.5x) CMOS sensor, enables you to use all existing Leica M and Leica M-mount optics from third-party lens manufacturers. For anyone who owns Leica M lenses, or for that matter, anyone who has been waiting for a (comparatively) inexpensive excuse for investing in Leica M glass, the Ricoh GXR A12 might be the vehicle that seals the deal.

In order to take fullest advantage of Leica’s imaging attributes, Ricoh’s engineers decided to forego a low-pass filter, normally employed to reduce aliasing, but at the cost of resolving power. Other unique features found on the Ricoh GXR A12 include a silent electronic shutter mode for shooting in sound-sensitive environments, a choice of manual focus-assist options, and lens-correction parameters.



Hi. Waiting for this also. Can you let me know when it arrives. I thought due date was September 9th.



Ordered and waiting. When do you think it may ship.