The World’s First Wi-Fi Mouse


With more than 90 different wireless mouse models in stock at B&H, you might wonder why the world needs a better mouse. But HP thinks it does. Billed as the world’s first Wi-Fi mouse, the HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse connects to your computer without a USB dongle. You do need a Windows 7 computer with a built-in Wi-Fi transceiver, a capability more commonly found in notebooks and netbooks than desktop computers. The mouse is expected to be available in June, at a starting price of $49.99.

Besides freeing up a USB port for other devices, the HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse is said to operate interference free and automatically connects to the computer each time it boots up. The mouse’s disposable battery lasts up to nine months which, according to HP, is “more than twice the battery life of comparable Bluetooth devices.”

The mouse contains five customizable buttons for creating shortcuts and a four-way-tilt scroll wheel. HP claims that the mouse offers “full functionality” up to 30 feet from the PC. (We had hoped for greater than Bluetooth ranges, but at least the distance is analogous.) The mouse’s sculpted form, with rubber sides, is said to ensure a comfortable, secure grip that can be used in the right or left hand.