X-Rite Unveils a New Level of Ease in Color Management for Digital Imaging


If you use monitors, projectors, cameras or printers in your digital imaging workflow then you know how crucial it is to have accurate and reliable color calibration, from start to finish. X-Rite has released the new i1 Pro 2 line of professional color management solutions, including three different levels of software with an all new spectrophotometer, and an i1iO Scanning Table 2 that, when combined, provide consistent and reliable results—increasing productivity and decreasing the risk of errors.

Created for the needs of digital imaging professionals, i1Basic Pro 2 is ideal for an effective workflow in a color-managed ecosystem of monitor and camera profiles. This system also integrates the ability to display a quality assurance function to check soft proofing on your computer and a printer QA display to analyze final print quality utilizing ISO 12647-7 media wedges.
Specifically designed for professional photographers, i1Photo Pro 2 is here to manage your RGB workflow from your digital camera, through a monitor or projector, and out to your printer. Emphasizing highlight and shadow details, it delivers more neutral grays and natural skin tones. This solution also features the Optical Brightener Compensation capability, which allows photographers to alter and build custom color profiles that take into account the different optical brightening agents found in many photo papers. These custom profiles can be further modified to take into account the specific lighting conditions of the gallery or space the print will be shown.
For the ultimate, fully-featured software package, i1Publish Pro 2 is designed for imaging professionals that need to color manage their complete RGB, CMYK and CMYK+ (CMYK plus any 4) prepress workflows.

All three of these software bundles come with the i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer that introduces a new level of color accuracy by providing three standard measurement conditions without the need to change filters or switch to a second instrument. With this, users can now predict how printed colors will actually look when under different lighting conditions, using a single handheld device. It is as simple as plugging in the i1Pro 2 device, aligning the included test chart and allowing the automated scanning table to do the rest.

The combination of the newly designed spectrophotometer and any of these software systems helps photographers, imagers, and designers achieve the most accurate color profiling with ease. Ranging from a basic monitor calibration to fully-fledged control over ICC profiling for 4-color printing presses, the efficiency and simplicity of this system will assure users the truest sense and control of color.