Zeiss Distagon T* 15mm f/2.8: the New Standard for Super-Wide SLR Lenses


Zeiss’s new Distagon T* 2.8/15 combines two aspherical lenses and five special glass elements to correct extraordinarily for chromatic aberration and distortion. Since distortion is inherent to lenses of this focal length, this reduction provides a noticeable difference from past designs and sets a new standard for super-wide lenses. The lens comes in either a ZE version for Canon’s EF mount or a ZF.2 version for Nikon’s F bayonet mount.

Wide View, Fast Aperture, Close Focus and More

Featuring a 110° angle of view, the 2.8/15 harmoniously captures both dramatic details and the integrity of the big picture within the same frame. A long, smooth-as-butter rotation can draw in focus as close as 10 inches. A wide depth of field provides sharpness from close to infinity and the long rotation enables excellent control of selective focus. This wide, fast lens is ideal for tight spaces and commercial, architectural and landscape use. Even when used wide open, it achieves outstanding detail rendition. Additionally, the lens causes little or no breathing, meaning more precision and less compromise when used for HD video applications.

T* Standard Enhanced by Light-Absorbing Paint

Like all Zeiss lenses, the 2.8/15 is designed with Zeiss’s famous T* anti-reflective coating. Along with a sophisticated light-absorbing lacquer treatment over the edges of the lens elements, the coating handles stray light and reflections superbly.

15 Lens Elements, All-Metal Design and an Integrated Hood

Floating lens elements maintain equal performance on every level of the lens, from close up through infinity. A robust all-metal barrel can be relied upon for decades of use. An integrated lens hood offers protection against stray light and unintentional damage to the lens surface. A nine-blade aperture affords a nearly circular opening, yielding natural looking out-of-focus details. The 2.8/15 has 15 lens elements within 12 groups and no plastic components except for the rear lens cap. The lens case is metal, too.

95mm Thread and Optional T* Filters for Image Enhancement

The lens features a 95mm filter thread for use with all standard 95mm screw-on filters. However, a perfect match for the 2.8/15 is either of the recently-released Zeiss UV and POL filters. The POL circular polarizing filter is ideal for use with DSLRs and provides more color saturation while reducing reflections. The UV filter is ideal to keep on the lens at all times to protect the front element while providing control of UV radiation. The new filter sizes include 43, 46 and 95mm for the UV filter and 95mm only for the polarizer. They all feature T* coating for consistent color fidelity and contrast improvement between the filter and lens.  

  ZE Version for Canon's EF Mount ZF.2 Version for Nikon's F Bayonet Mount
Focal Length 15mm 15mm
Aperture Range f/2.8 – f/22 f/2.8 – f/22
Lens Elements / Groups 15/12 15/12
Focusing Range 9.84″ (25 cm) – ∞ 9.84″ (25 cm) – ∞
Free Working Distance 3.54″ (9 cm) – ∞ 3.54″ (9 cm) – ∞
Angular Field* (Diag. / Horiz. / Vert.)  110° / 100° / 76° 110° / 100° / 76°
Diameter of Image Field 1.69" (4.3 cm)  1.69" (4.3 cm) 
Flange Focal Distance 1.73" (4.4 cm) 1.83″ (4.65 cm)
Coverage at Close Range *  13.39 x 8.70 ″ (34 x 22.1 cm)  13.39 x 8.70 ″ (34 x 22.1 cm) 
Image Ratio at Close Range  1:9 1:9
Filter Thread M95 x 1.0 (95mm) M95 x 1.0 (95mm)
Entrance Pupil Position (in front of the image plane) 4.41″ (11.26 cm) 4.41″ (11.26 cm)
Rotation Angle of Focusing Ring 57° 57°
Maximum Diameter 4.06″ (10.3 cm) 4.06″ (10.3 cm)
Diameter of Focusing Ring 3.15″ (8 cm) 3.15″ (8 cm)
Length (without lens caps) 4.57″ (11.6 cm) 4.45″ (11.3 cm)
Length (with lens caps) 5.31″ (13.5 cm) 5.20" (13.2 cm)
Weight (without lens caps) 1.81 lb (820 g)  1.61 lb (730 g)

Effective April 16, 2012, Zeiss ZM lenses will increase in price by approximately $70.

* refers to 35mm format

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