Oculus Experience


The Oculus Experience

Experience all the magic that virtual reality offers, with these three new VR headsets that target casual, serious, and professional gamers alike.

The Oculus Go

Introducing the Oculus Go, a small portable headset that brings virtual reality to the masses. Made mostly for newbies and those just beginning in the VR headspace, the Oculus Go is made more for entertaining than gaming.

  • For the casual user
  • Great introduction to the VR Experience
  • Affordable, fun, and easy to use
  • Completely wireless configuration

The Oculus Go Hands-On Review

The Oculus Quest

Next up: the Oculus Quest, one of the best VR headsets now available. A wireless all-inclusive VR experience, the Quest beats competitors with its wire-free experience and ease of use—not to mention some of the best controllers and games available.

  • For serious users who want the full VR Experience
  • Fully immersive worlds
  • Robust lineup of games
  • No wires. No limits. No problem.

The Oculus Quest Hands-On Review

The Oculus Rift S

Finally, the Oculus Rift S—a VR headset for gamers who want to modify their VR experience, but don’t mind sacrificing mobility for power. And VR Minecraft. ’Nuff said.

  • For gamers who want more than just gaming
  • Fully modifiable experience
  • Import a larger library of games and experiences
  • Single wired tether

The Oculus Rift S Hands-On Review



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