Infographic: Pentax U Series Binoculars


A compact optic designed to perform both indoors and out for concerts, sporting events, or other performances, the Pentax U Series is a unique line of small, lightweight binoculars that features a fixed-center bridge. Because of the unified center, the eyepieces move in unison, so they remain symmetrical while adjusting the interpupillary distance. Aspherical lens elements provide edge-to-edge sharpness and combine with multicoated lenses to give you the best possible viewing at your next event. The U Series design features BAK-4 reverse Porro prisms to help provide good depth of field, even though the objective lenses are relatively small.

The Pentax U Series binoculars have objective lenses that range from 21 to 25mm, and fixed-power models have magnifications of 8x and 10x power. For all-weather usage, some models are fog- and waterproof.