Garmin Varia In-sight Display Helps You Stay on Track


Garmin recently added to the capabilities of their Edge cycling computer and Varia Rearview Radar with the creation of the Varia Vision In-sight Display. This heads-up miniature screen provides you with all of the information you need without forcing you to take your eyes off of the road. Heart rate, power, and speed are right in your line of sight: no need to look down to stay in line with your training goals. Vibrating alerts make you aware when you're approaching segments, completing laps, or leaving a workout zone.

When paired with the Varia Rearview Radar, it will warn you about vehicles approaching from behind from as far away as 153 yards, without turning around, adding another layer of safety in this fast-paced, traffic-filled world. You can even get detailed navigation prompts, complete with street names, directional arrows, and distance to turn, so you can focus on the chaos in front of you. Up to four data fields can be displayed at once on the 428 x 240 screen, keeping you informed but not distracted. Be notified of a call or text to stay connected and informed without the need to slow down.

Don’t worry about a little rain putting a stop to your active ways; an IPX7 rating means this innovative device will survive temporary immersions, so that sun shower is nothing to fret about. On the sunniest days, you will have no problem viewing your valuable data since the ambient light meter ensures the display is visible even on the brightest days. With eight hours of battery life, it won’t quit until you do. Just attach the lightweight display to either side of your sunglasses, toggle through the menu using the convenient touch panel, and go.