Make the Wise Choice, with Levenhuk Wise Monoculars


Enjoy fast glassing on the go, with Levenhuk’s Wise Monoculars. The three offerings provide you with an array of magnifications and objective lens size to satisfy most needs and preferences.

The small and compact 8x32 model is less than 5.5" long and weighs less than 10 ounces, so it will easily fit your pack, purse, or pocket; with a close focus of just 6.6', it can also be used for making detailed observations of small bugs and insects or an array of delicate flora and fauna. For longer distances, it is outfitted with a spacious 394-foot field of view at 1,000 yards and a wide 60-degree apparent angle of view, to present you with an immersive observational experience.

Levenhuk 8x32 Wise Monocular

Moving up in objective diameter is the 8x42 option. The increase in objective boosts its light-gathering ability, making images appear brighter and clearer, with better views in challenging light such as during the early morning and late evening hours. Keeping the magnification to a moderate 8x with the larger objective helps to produce a long 18mm eye relief that makes viewing easier and more comfortable, and a wide 5.25mm exit pupil that ensures complete coverage of the pupil as it opens and dilates in low light—so views remain full and bright. While the minimum focus distance is a bit longer than the 32mm model, it still comes in at less than 10 feet, making it a competent optic for close work.

Levenhuk 8x42 Wise Monocular

Last comes the highest power option: the 10x42. The increase in magnification provides a farther reach than the previous two models, with a generous 58-degree apparent angle of view that helps to mitigate the appearance of the distracting hand shake that is common when holding high-power optics such as this. The larger objective yields a wider exit pupil than its 8x32 little brother, giving it capable low-light performance despite the higher magnification. This largest model still measures slightly more than 6-inches and weighs well under a pound, to make it easy to handle without weighing you down when you’re on the move.

Levenhuk 10x42 Wise Monocular

Regardless of which version you go with, they share many of the same features. Optically, Levenhuk employs BAK4 glass to deliver a round exit pupil and crisp and clear images with limited edge distortion. Anti-reflection full multi-coatings help to maximize light transmission, transmit true color fidelity, and improve contrast and clarity. To hold up to years of use, the compact and lightweight body is made of an impact-resistant plastic that is wrapped in a protective rubber armor. A dimpled palm pad provides improved grip comfort and security with a comfortable in-hand feel. The fold-down rubber eye cup enables comfortable viewing with or without eyeglasses or sunglasses, with the perfect eye relief distance. Protecting the objective is a tethered fold-down cap that ensures it won’t get lost on the forest floor while you’re using the optic, and a convenient lanyard keeps the optic at the ready for when that elusive buck or fox breaks cover. Finally, the 42mm models come with a standard ¼"-20 tripod mount for easier hands-free use at the range, up in a stand, or just sitting on the back deck watching sailboats on the water.