The Rangefinder Just Got Connected with the Leica Rangemaster CRF 2800.COM


Bringing the accuracy of pinpoint distance measurement with a range of up to 2,800 yards, the new Leica Rangemaster CRF 2800.COM is the first compact Leica laser rangefinder capable of a Bluetooth connection to your mobile device equipped with the new Leica Hunting App. The wireless connection also works with your Kestrel Elite weather meter.

The Rangemaster CRF 2800.COM gives a 7 x 24 optical view of your target with 15mm eye relief. Field of view at 1,000 yards is 115 yards. The unit is watertight to 1 m and weighs 6.7 ounces with its included C2R battery.

Designed for long-range targeting, the CRF 2800.COM has three ballistic outputs—inches, centimeters, and MOA or MILs. Coupled with the Kestrel, the 2800.COM will display elevation and windage connections out to 2,800 yards. The internal LED display automatically adjusts to the ambient lighting and displays distance data that is updated every 0.3 seconds. Between 10 and 200 yards, the Rangemaster displays distances to 1/10 of a yard.

The Leica Hunting App allows you to customize the Rangemaster, provides enhanced functionality to the unit, and does automatic ballistic calculations.