Teton Sports Sleeping Bags, Pads, Pillow: Gear for a Good Night's Sleep


The better you sleep, the more fun you’ll have the next day. Helping campers and backpackers get a good night’s rest has been a big part of Teton Sports’ mission since the company was founded, in 2005. B&H carries a great selection of Teton Sports gear to keep you comfortable in camp, so you’ll have the energy you need for the adventures on your agenda.

A down-filled sleeping bag will keep you toasty on chilly backcountry nights. Traditional down, however, can be fussy; if it gets damp, it loses the “loft” that makes it such good insulation in the first place. No such worries with the Teton Sports Altos series mummy-style sleeping bags—they’re filled with MTN-DRY, a hydrophobic down that retains its loft even when wet. You can choose from Altos bags comfort-rated for 20°, , and -10°. Each is built with a draft tube along the zipper to prevent heat from leaking out, and a three-piece hood that snugs closely around your face. The Altos bags pack down to 16 x 10" or smaller, so they’re appropriate for backpacking, and the strong but lightweight 20-denier shell and lining help keep the overall weight down.

Some campers find mummy-style bags too confining and prefer a bag with room to move during the night. Teton’s Fahrenheit -25° rectangle-style bag has plenty of room and is designed to keep you warm despite bitterly cold temperatures. It even comes with a hood, an amenity usually found only on mummy bags. The Fahrenheit uses synthetic SuperLoft Elite four-channel hollow fiber insulation. At 10.5 pounds, this bag isn’t suitable for backpacking, but it’s super-cozy in a campground or cabin.

Of course, even the best sleeping bag won’t be comfortable lying on the cold, hard ground. Teton’s Altos Sleeping Pad and Insulated Sleeping Pad are inflatable, so they offer plenty of support in use and pack down small (8 x 3.5" and 8 x 5", respectively) when you break camp. And don’t neglect your head! Sure, you can lay your noggin on a stuff sack filled with your fleece jacket, but you’ll be more comfortable with Teton’s Comfortlite Organic Cotton Self-Inflating Pillow. You can make it firmer by supplementing the self-inflation with a few breaths through the valve, or make it softer by squeezing a little air out. Its thickness is adjustable from 3 to 7".

Cushioned on a pad, warm in a bag, your head at ease on a pillow, you’ll sleep well and awake refreshed. You should probably set an alarm—you might be so comfortable that you’re tempted to sleep in.