Reinventing the Scanner with the IRIS Portable Lineup


Ever dreamt of using some of the gadgets your favorite fictional secret agent always had conveniently in their jacket pocket? Well, with scanner technology advancing and shrinking, products like a pen that can translate and read text aloud to you are no longer limited to just the latest and greatest movie spies. IRIS is one company that has delved headfirst into portable scanning for individuals and businesses, and if you are looking for one of these unique solutions, this company offers great variety in its capable product lineup.

Mouse and Pen Scanners

Perhaps the most interesting items on IRIS’s product list are the innovative mouse and pen scanners. The IRIScan Mouse 2 Portable Scanner is a multi-function device, able to scan documents at 300 dpi and be used as a computer mouse. It has three buttons, a wheel, and a dedicated scan button for completely natural operation, and will work with documents up to A3 size, or 11.7 x 16.5". And, getting it to function is as simple as plugging it into a USB 2.0 port on your laptop or computer.

It works in the same manner you would expect from a mouse, by simply moving the mouse over the document you would like to scan. Embedded Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is also available for more than 130 languages to make working with the documents easier later on. The Mouse will also scan in a variety of formats and works directly with certain software.

Featuring an alternative scanner type is the IRISPen Executive 7 Pen Scanner. It looks and functions much like a highlighter for line-by-line scanning of documents and, along with OCR support, it can translate 55 languages and drop them right into any text-based software. An additional capability of this scanner is a very unique text-to-speed function, which will read aloud the text you are scanning. The pen can also scan small images and logos and has a smart wizard for extra guidance.

While maybe not the same sort of explosive device you would find in James Bond’s arsenal, the IRISNotes 2 Executive Digital Pen is a quality multi-function ink pen that should find its way into many people’s pockets. Battery powered and cordless, this intelligent pen will work just like any other ink pen for jotting down notes, but offers the ability to capture your writing and automatically convert it into editable text. It can save up to 100 pages of notes, including graphs, which can be sent to a PC easily using the USB receiver.

Book Scanners

Magazines and books have always presented an issue when it comes to scanning, thanks to their bindings and general inability to lie flat. Some dedicated units exist that can automatically correct for this distortion, but they can be fairly large and inconvenient for travel. IRIS offers the IRIScan Book 3 Portable Scanner, which helps solve both of these problems.

The slim 8.5" wide device operates by simply sliding it over the pages and saving the image as you go. It works at a resolution of up to 900 dpi for fine detail in your scans and is battery powered for convenience. In order to remain completely cordless, it will save scans to a microSD card in PDF or JPEGs.

Expanding on the features of the standard version, the IRIScan Book 3 Executive Portable Scanner adds built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for wireless transfer of data to a computer. It can also use the Wi-Fi to connect to a smartphone running iOS or Android for immediate use on your phone. This can be incredibly helpful for scans that need to be emailed ASAP while you’re on the road.

Document and Card Scanners

All of the previously mentioned specialty devices may be cool, but if all you need is a portable, efficient way to scan documents and business cards while on the go, a standard portable scanner is the best option. IRIS offers the IRIScan Anywhere 3 Wi-Fi Portable Scanner, which, as its name suggests, benefits from Wi-Fi connectivity. It also has high 1200 dpi resolution for exceptionally detailed scans and can handle A4-sized documents at a rate of 12 ppm at lower resolutions. Fulfilling the expectations of its “Anywhere” name, it runs on a rechargeable Li-ion battery good for 100 scans and saves files to a microSD card, allowing you to use it wherever you can carry it.

An IRIScan Pro 3 Wi-Fi Portable Scanner offers a slightly different set of features; most notably, it has a dedicated slot for business/ID/credit cards. It also has an 8-page ADF for automatically scanning documents at, fittingly, 8 ppm. It works with documents up to A4/letter size and has a maximum resolution of 600 dpi. Additionally, it uses SD cards in addition to having 128MB of built-in memory and has a rechargeable battery good for up to 200 scans.

If keeping tabs on all of your new contacts and acquaintances is crucial, then the IRISCard Anywhere 5 Business Card Scanner, a lightweight, super compact unit is best for you. It, like the others, is battery powered and can save scans to the built-in 512MB of memory, a memory card, or a USB thumb drive. It works quickly, being able to scan 800 cards every hour. And, it comes with Cardiris software for keeping track of all this new information and exporting it to your favorite programs.

In fact, all of the scanners listed come with some form of OCR or scan management software to help you handle the influx of digital information. It also allows you to convert documents and export text from your newly scanned files and send them right into your program of choice. This variety and inclusion of very helpful software makes IRIS scanners excellent for anyone, especially those who always travel the paths of business around the world.